'Full House': How Did DJ and Steve Meet?

Steve and DJ Tanner got married during Netflix’s Fuller House. During the original sitcom, though, these two dated for several episodes, even saying “I love you” to each other. Here’s what we know about the start of their relationship in Full House.

What episode does Steve appear in ‘Full House’?

He loves food and wrestling. DJ and Steve first met while in school, even though Steve is older than this member of the Tanner family. The relationship worked, according to Kimmy, because “DJ is cute and Steve has a car.” What could go wrong?

Steve first appeared in the season 5 episode, “Sisters in Crime,” where the Tanner sisters sneak into a movie without paying. It wasn’t until season 6, though, that these two actually started “going together” as a couple. 

Steve and DJ started dating during the ‘Come Fly With Me’ episode of ‘Full House

After begging her father to go abroad to Spain, DJ traveled to Europe, writing to her sisters that she had a big surprise to bring home. Stephanie and Michelle thought it would be gifts.

In the “Come Fly With Me” episode, though, DJ said the surprise was Steve. They were officially dating. Since they started dating, Steve and DJ were pretty much inseparable.

Part of it was because Danny Tanner was a good cook, but it was mostly because they loved each other. When DJ traveled to Walt Disney World with her family, Steve decided to fly to Florida to see her because he missed her so much.

DJ and Steve broke up during ‘Full House,’ although they started dating again during ‘Fuller House’

The official last episode featuring this character was “A House Divided,” when he and DJ broke up. However, he made a brief cameo during the last episode of the series, “Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)” to take DJ to her senior prom.

The two characters reunited as adults during the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House. DJ had previously been married and had three boys with her late husband.

After his death, though, she started dating her high school sweetheart. The two got engaged and eventually got married alongside DJ’s best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, and her sister, Stephanie Tanner. 

“Steve is an interesting character because, if you watch the original Full House, you think he’s, like, a dopey wrestler without much going on upstairs, except for his passionate love of DJ and his love of proms and food,” Weinger said during an interview with The Today Show.

“But you fast-forward to [the] present day, and he’s one of the Bay Area’s most successful podiatrists and a divorcé,” he continued. “But the thing about Steve that’s consistent is his love of eating and his love of DJ. Those are the two things that never change.”

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