From Daisy Lowe to Anais Gallagher, these wildchilds know how to steal the limelight from their old man

WHEN the daughters of the famous pose for racy photoshoots, what do their dads think?

Chloe Madeley – Sun columnist and daughter of TV host Richard – is just the person to ask, having been in that position herself.

After 20-year-old Anais Gallagher, daughter of fiery rocker Noel, revealed pictures in her undies, and admitted her dad didn’t know, Chloe tells of her experience and praises other children of well-known parents, from Daisy Lowe to Iris Law, who have chosen to cut the apron strings by doing some very grown-up pictures.

Chloe Madeley

DOE-eyed, lithe of limb and looking bang on trend in bondage lingerie, there’s no doubt that Anais Gallagher looks absolutely gorgeous in her latest lingerie shoot.

But with her admission that she hasn’t told her dad about the racy shoot yet, it raised the question — just what would Oasis rocker Noel make of her saucy snaps?

I bet he is bursting with pride at his beautiful daughter. He’ll also be keen to protect her and make sure that everything she does is on her own terms, just as my dad — TV’s Richard Madeley of Richard and Judy — did for me.

I was just 19 when I did my first photoshoot, for FHM magazine. I was so thrilled I’d been asked to do it that when I put it to my parents, I all but begged them.

'Perfectly happy with showing skin'

They found the whole thing wildly entertaining, but I do remember there were some (fairly obvious) ground rules — don’t get sucked into wearing anything you are uncomfortable in, make sure you have full photo approval, take your friends with you and tell them to play devil’s advocate at all times.

All of these rules were designed to make me feel comfortable, in control, and to think before agreeing to anything. They were to protect me. To be honest, the shoots I do now show far more skin than the FHM shoot I did. But given that I now work in health and fitness, having skin on show is more of a by-product than an end in itself.

And I’m perfectly happy with showing skin, I make a point of promoting body confidence amongst women. It’s a weird balance, remembering that the sole reason you are in front of a camera is because of your parents, but also presenting the image you choose to present, and not necessarily the image that is expected of you.

Indeed it’s something of a rite of passage for the children of famous people — like the beautiful women on these pages — to shock a little as they step out on their own. But when a young woman such as Anais chooses to pose confidently in her lingerie, she’s telling the world she’s no longer the child who has grown up in their parents’ shadow — she’s her own woman now. And that’s something worth celebrating.

Daisy Lowe

DAISY’S precocious modelling career was already underway when rock singer Gavin Rossdale took a paternity test confirming he was her father when she was 15.

Following in designer mum Pearl Lowe’s fashionista footsteps, Daisy, 31, has shot for Chanel, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood.

In 2011 she posed nude for Playboy.

She has said: “I think the female form is to be celebrated.”

Anais Gallagher

NOEL Gallagher’s 20-year-old daughter by first wife Meg Mathews wore mesh lingerie in her latest shots.

After they were published, she said: “I haven’t told my dad yet. This will be the first time he has seen them, but he is very open about what I do.”

Rosanna Davison

THE daughter of singer Chris De Burgh became the first Irish Miss World in 2003, then ditched her squeaky-clean image to do a naked shoot for Playboy Germany in 2012.

But Rosanna, 36, says her dad was all for it, rattling off names of previous Playboy models such as Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe. She said: “He was like, ‘Go for it, it didn’t do any of these women any harm’.”

Clara McGregor

STAR Wars actor Ewan McGregor realised his daughter was getting a different kind of exposure from his own when she posed naked on the cover of Playboy in 2018.

Model Clara, 24, whose mum is film production designer Eve Mavrakis, told the magazine she feels sexiest when wearing her “favourite pair of mom jeans” and her true ambition was to become an actor like her dad.

Iris Law

JUDE LAW’S little girl may only be 19, but she already looks like a model daughter, having already been a brand ambassador for Italian firm Bulgari and posing for sizzling bikini snaps on sun-kissed luxury holiday locations.

But Iris, whose mum is Sadie Frost, says her drive did not come from her parents, adding: “They weren’t rock ’n’ roll when I was growing up, they were just my parents."

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