From Charlies Angels to Tall Girl: How McGs Wonderland Became a Netflix Hitmaker

Way back in 2016, when “Netflix movie” still sounded like a contradiction in terms, McG and producer Mary Viola’s Wonderland Sound and Vision began developing its first project for Netflix, “When We First Met.” As one of the first Netflix rom-coms, no one knew exactly what a Netflix rom-com was supposed to be; McG made it his mission to find out.

Netflix Original Independent Film VP Ian Bricke remembers that as soon as the deal closed, McG turned his high-energy patter toward trying to understand exactly what Netflix wanted from its original films — everything from demographics to the way the platform worked. “As a creative and as a businessman and a producer, he’s always looking around the corner — what’s the next thing?” said Bricke. “The fact that it was uncharted territory, the wild west, was part of the appeal for him.”

Five years on, and with six Netflix productions, Wonderland appears to have found the secret sauce of a Netflix hit. With a reported 68 million viewers, Bloomberg ranks Wonderland’s Emma Roberts-starring “Holidate,” released last year, as Netflix’s 10th-most popular movie of all time. (Currently in post for Wonderland is “Love Hard,” another Netflix Christmas romance.) McG directed the 2017 horror-comedy “The Babysitter;” in 2020, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” followed. Similarly, 2019’s young-adult comedy “Tall Girl” scored a reported 49 million viewers; a sequel is now in production.

Tall Girl 2 is now in production ๐Ÿ‘€ u ready? audio ft: @snarkymarky

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