Four in a Bed viewers appalled at hotel owner's perfect breakfast score – can you see why?

FOUR in a Bed viewers were left aghast at one couple's unique approach to customer service.

The latest episode of the Channel 4 show saw four pairs compete for a cash prize by showcasing their various hospitality offerings.

To win, the contestants must earn favourable scored by proving their value for money based on their room rates.

First up were Karen Cumberlidge and her son Liam, who own holiday cottages in Burgh le Marsh, Lincolnshire.

As Karen took the guests to their lodges, she explained they offered an optional breakfast hamper for £15.

Later on, when the group assembled at the local pub for dinner, they discussed breakfast arrangements for the morning.

Guest Aidan suggested: “I’ve had an idea about breakfast tomorrow. We could find out who the best cook is, by getting everybody to cook breakfast.”

This prompted Karen to reply: “Why don’t you choose one cottage and all cook together?”

Impressed, Aidan agreed: “I think cooking together is a wonderful idea.”

In the end it was Aidan’s partner Midge who went on to cook breakfast for the group.

Not everyone was on board though – and George Hall, who runs a B&B with his mum Carolyn, didn't hold back.

“I don’t want to go and have breakfast with somebody else when I don’t have to,” he complained.

However, when it came to the scoring, Karen and Liam came out with strong scores, including a 10 for the breakfasts they didn't even prepare.

Viewers at home couldn't believe a self-service breakfast had achieved a perfect score.

One Twitter user raged: "I’d be right f****d off if I went to a restaurant and was given some chicken and veg and charged £15 to go into the kitchen to cook it.”

A second echoed: “How can you give breakfast a 10 when you have to pay extra, and cook it yourself?”

A third asked: “What did they get a 10 for? They didn't cook it!”

While another quipped: “It’s not a breakfast, it’s a bag of shopping,”

Four in a Bed continues at 5pm on Channel 4.

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