Five Coronation Street spoilers for this week as Max's life hangs in balance

TROUBLEMAKER Max Turner faces death this week, years after his own mother also bled to death on the cobbles.

This week in Coronation Street, the teen runs from the consequences of his actions. Get the lowdown on all of this week's drama.

1. Daniel makes a decision about Nicky…

Trouble kick-starts this week when Daniel Osbourne (portrayed by Rob Mallard) is left to pick up the pieces after another of Max's misdeeds.

After Amy Barlow (who was accidentally spiked by Max), Nicky Wheatley (played by Kimberly Hart-Simpson) suffered from Max's actions.

Nicky has been back on the straight and narrow since her return to the cobbles.

She has even secured herself a job as a teaching assistant in Weatherfield High thanks to Daniel.

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But when her past profession is exposed and images are shown all throughout the school, the former sex worker loses everything.

Daniel initially thought his girlfriend Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) could be to blame for the photos being shared.

However, he soon hears Max Turner (Paddy Bever) is actually the one to blame.

He takes accountability for his mistake and apologises to an unforgiving Daisy while revealing Max maliciously shared Nicky's images.

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But Daniel also acknowledges that the incident has ruined Nicky's chances at a new beginning and he makes a big decision to help her.

Feeling guilty, Daniel tells her that she can stay at his flat – but this could add on to Daisy's insecurities.

2. … And issues a terrible threat

Daniel has had enough of Max's (played by Paddy Bever) behaviour, believing the teen crossed a line he shouldn't have.

After welcoming Nicky into his home, Daniel rails at Max for ruining the latter's life but David (Jack P. Shepherd) leaps to Max's defence in a heartbeat.

Daniel refuses to back and issues a shocking threat to Max.

The teacher is aware Max is guilty of spiking Amy Barlow's drink during the Valentine's Day dance – but the teen managed to escape justice again.

Daniel is at his wit's end with Max and tells him that it's time Amy knew who spiked her.

To makes matters even worse for the Weatherfield High student, Daniel asserts that if Max doesn't come clean, he will speak up for him.

3. Max faces bleeding to death

Max (Paddy Bever) has been accustomed to get away with his antics.

This week, however, he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders as he's pressured to come clean to Amy.

A defiant Max first assures David and his wife Shona that Daniel is bluffing.

But when Amy misreads one lad’s admiring glances, she throws a cup of coffee over him and has a meltdown, believing he could have been the one to spike her drink.

Max is a witness to the scene and is shocked to see Amy clearly traumatised from her ordeal.

Later on, Max has an argument with his father David who confiscates his phone.

When Max asserts he hates him, David retaliates by saying Max's mother Kylie (who was murdered in 2016) would be ashamed of him.

Max is distraught and plans to run away from home, smashing the glass on the barber's door.

He climbs in, hoping to retrieve his phone… but as he climbs out of the barber's, Max lacerates his leg on the broken glass in the door and the cut is too deep for him to be able to take it.

Max collapses on the street, bleeding out on the cobbles.

Will he be saved in time?

4. Yasmeen builds a bridge

Are things starting to look up again for Yasmeen (portrayed by actress Shelley King) and her grandchildren?

While it remains to be seen, their relationship could be on the mend.

This week, Alya (played by Sair Khan) tells former homeless man Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) that she plans to cook up some extra food in the restaurant kitchen to share it amongst the community as part of Eid.

The Speed Daal co-owner is then pleasantly surprised when her grandmother Yasmeen offers to help.

In later scenes, Stu tells Alya's brother Zeedan about the charity food event and the latter wishes he could help out too.

But Zeedan will have to stay out of his family's business as he was fired from Speed Daal in January, 2022.

Could this lead to a reconciliation?

5. Simon attacks Carla

Meanwhile, Carla (portrayed by Corrie legend Alison King) has decided to give one of Weatherfield's criminals a chance at Underworld.

Jacob (Jack James Ryan) gets a new job in the factory but this leaves Simon (Alex Bain) fuming.

Her stepson isn't the only member of the family to be miffed as Toyah, Nick, Leanne and Simon's father Peter (Chris Gascoyne) are all in shock to hear about Carla's decision.

Nobody can understand her choice and Simon rails at her for her lack of loyalty.

Simon calls at the factory and publicly shames Jacobs for his violent, drug dealing past, deeply humiliating him while Carla tries her best to mask her unease.

The youngster takes things to another level by threatening Jacob, urging him to watch his back as he says he'll never be able to forgive him the harm done.

Should Jacob be worried?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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