Exhausted Andy Cohen calls virtual RHOA reunion ‘epic’ and turns to tequila after hours breaking up cast fights – The Sun

AN EXHAUSTED Andy Cohen called the virtual Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion "epic."

He toasted the "trailblazing" ladies with tequila after hours of breaking up the casts' fights.

Andy said on Instagram: "Good morning! I have my first hangover in two months as a result of a tequila-infusion after the 12 hour RHOA taping, which did NOT disappoint.

"Those women are trailblazers!"

Last night he said following the remote reunion taping, which was first for the network: "We just wrapped the RHOA reunion [at] 9 o'clock. Even though it was virtual, it was epic as every Atlanta reunion has been.

He went on: "Here are my cards. I'm putting them in the garbage. I'm going to get some tequila. I'm turning out the lights and I will have you know I'm not wearing pants still."

The Watch What Happens Live host said he went into the taping wearing a suit top but no bottoms, and it turns out that's how he finished the reunion as well.

Earlier in the day he posed in his ensemble holding up the RHOA reunion cue cards and flashed a big smile.

He captioned the post: “It’s #RHOA Reunion day and I’m celebrating by not wearing pants!”

Andy added: "The Atlanta Housewives, man, they're trailblazers.

"They worked so hard to make that reunion happen. We had days of technical rehearsals and stuff just to make sure it would look good.

"And I think it did. Believe it or not, content-wise there's so much stuff there and tipping my hat to the Atlanta Housewives today."

Earlier this month, Andy announced the RHOA reunion would be shot virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He said on Radio Andy: “Listen, this is obviously not how we would prefer to do, it but life is not how we prefer it right now.”

“We want to be in the same room, but we cannot risk the health and safety of our Housewives and our incredible crew in Georgia.

“Atlanta is regarded by many as the Super Bowl of reunion shows.

"It is one of my favorite reunions to shoot, I look forward to it.

“And the fact of the matter is, it’s either we do it this way or there is no Super Bowl this year,”

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