Euphoria fans share heartbreaking theory following episode five

HBO’s epic teen drama series Euphoria continued with its fifth episode this week and fans are taking to Twitter to share their heartbreaking theory about one of the show’s characters. 

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The latest episode saw Rue’s mother confront her about her drug relapse after being informed about it by Jules.

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After a destructive outburst of anger towards her mother, sister and Jules, Rue goes on the run to find more drugs to ease her withdrawal symptoms as well as some cash to replace the thousands of dollars worth of drugs given to her by Laurie after Gia claims to have flushed them down the toilet. 

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Later in the episode, Rue arrives at Laurie’s house with some stolen cash and jewellery that she acquired after sneaking into a stranger’s house. While sitting in Laurie’s kitchen, Rue notices a sinister-looking door to the basement before Laurie whisks her away to the bathroom and eases her pain by injecting her with a dose of morphine.

The latest episode saw Leslie confront Rue about her relapse

Fans who tuned in to the latest episode noticed the basement door and are sharing the same theory that Faye is behind it, after noticing her absence from Fez’s house. 

One person tweeted: “My theory is that Fez had to give Laurie Faye in order to protect Ash or Rue and that Faye is the one in the cupboard. And that’s why Fez was crying in the last ep,” while another added: “I think Faye is in the locked basement at Laurie’s house.”

Fans have a theory that Faye is trapped in Laurie’s basement

A third person agreed, commenting: “I feel like that was Faye locked in Laurie’s closet because why wasn’t she at Fez’s house when Rue popped up… She was supposed to be on the run.”

Other viewers also took to Twitter to praise Zendaya’s compelling performance in the fifth episode, with many calling for her to be awarded another Emmy. 

Viewers praised Zendaya for her powerful performance

One person wrote: “Zendaya deserves an Emmy for last nights episode. In particular the scene with Jules, aside from the storyline, her acting and tone of voice was impeccable,” while another agreed, adding: “Well that latest episode of #Euphoria was… stressful. Give @Zendaya all the nominations, she’s a genius.”

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