Enchanting New Cinderella and Maleficent Prints by George Caltsoudas Go On Sale Today

With all of us stuck at home with nothing more to do than stare at our blank walls, Bottleneck Gallery and Eyeland Prints may have just granted the wish that our hearts make. Bottleneck and Eyeland have teamed up to present two enchanting new Disney prints from George Caltsoudas that give the royal treatment to iconic Disney villain Maleficent and beloved Disney princess Cinderella. The two stunning prints will go on sale today at 12 P.M. EST at Bottleneck Gallery. But keep an eye on the clock: the prints are limited editions.

George Caltsoudas Disney Prints: Maleficent and Cinderella

Caltsoudas has been reinterpreting Disney classics in his vibrant, boldly colored art style, and his take on Sleeping Beauty‘s infamous Big Bad, Maleficent doesn’t disappoint. His image plays on the “darker tones” of the character to create “a more striking, composed image.” While his more roundish lines are bit of a departure from the lithe Renaissance-style art that inspired the animation of Sleeping Beauty, I particularly like the sharp corners and edges he maintained for Maleficent herself.

Meanwhile Caltsoudas’ art deco style is in full form with this Cinderella print, which shows the Disney princess right after her transformation into her iconic ball gown. It’s a beautiful print with pastel colors that make it feel as dreamy as the original 1950 film.

All of the prints featured above will be on sale at Bottleneck Gallery’s online shop starting at 12:00 P.M. EST today.

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