Emmerdale's Rosie Bentham reveals shock after dad collapsed and died just a week before her 18th birthday

EMMERDALE actress Rosie Bentham has revealed her shock after her dad collapsed and died just a week before her 18th birthday.

The 19-year-old actress – who plays Gabby Thomas in the ITV soap – admitted Father's Day has become "daunting" for her after her 60 year old dad John died suddenly.

She shared: "It was such a huge shock.

"I was on a weekend away, and when I got told, I just couldn’t believe it because he hadn’t been ill beforehand.

"I got angry because I couldn’t understand why and how it had happened. I can remember saying ‘No, no, no’."

Rosie said she hopes she can help other people who are experiencing similar feelings by being open and honest about her grief.

She told the Daily Mirror: "First, I was shocked, then anger, and then I found myself trying to remember when I’d last seen him and what I’d said.

"It’s why now when I phone my mum up, I always say ‘I love you’ at the end of our call.

"But everyone deals with grief in different ways and for me, I was just about to turn 18.

"I can remember going out on my birthday with my friends and I just tried to put it to the back of my mind. That was how I coped with it all."

The soap star previously told The Sun losing her dad was "easily the worst pain I have ever experienced."

Asked what she thinks happens when we die, Rosie added: "I go to church and I’m a true believer we go to heaven.

"This isn’t our only life."

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