Emmerdale's Marshall set to die after horrifying drink binge?

They say that misery loves company, and Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) and Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher) are both going through some painful times in Emmerdale.

In Wednesday (April 26)’s episode, the troubled teens went off together to get drunk on some bottles of vodka that Cathy had stolen from the B&B.

Cathy had just returned from school, where she was supposed to be taking a drama exam.

She’s walked out of previous exams, but this time she didn’t even make it past the school gates as she became overwhelmed by anxiety because of the illness she’s suffering from.

Marshall, meanwhile, was feeling lost and lonely after his father Colin (Mark Noble) had failed to get in touch on the anniversary of Marshall’s mum’s death.

Despite Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy)’s support, Marshall was really struggling with missing his mum and feeling completely abandoned by his dad.

The teens headed for the cricket pavilion, with Marshall at first insisting he was only going to keep an eye on Cathy.

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Soon, however, they were both drinking from one of the bottles Cathy had brought. They also confided something of how they were feeling with Cathy saying, ‘All I want to do is smash everything. Everything.’

It wasn’t long before Laurel and Bob (Tony Audenshaw) realised that Marshall and Cathy were missing and that they’d taken alcohol with them, and they tracked them down just as Cathy was vomiting because of the amount of vodka she’d drunk.

As Bob led Cathy back home, a concerned Laurel assured Marshall that she would be there for him no matter what. ‘Alcohol makes everything so much worse,’ she counselled him – and as someone who’s had a massive battle against alcoholism herself, she knows what she’s talking about.

Back at Mulberry Cottage Arthur (Alfie Clarke) was waiting for his friend’s return, but felt rejected when Marshall said he just wanted to go to bed.

Believing that Marshall was now safe the family left him to it, but as soon as he was alone he produced the second bottle of vodka which was still in his bag and took a long swig straight from the bottle.

It’s a self-destructive path for poor Marshall and, as a preview clip shows, it’s going to lead to a horrific discovery for Laurel when she finds Marshall’s apparently lifeless body.

As Jai (Chris Bisson) desperately calls for an ambulance, will they be in time to save Marshall?

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