Emmerdale's Jamie Tate makes two HUGE mistakes as he plots to expose Kim's poisoner

EMMERDALE'S Jamie Tate made two HUGE mistakes as he tried to expose Gabby Thomas as mum Kim's poisoner last night.

The millionaire vet – played by Alexander Lincoln in the ITV soap – has grown increasingly suspicious of the teen's behaviour over the past few weeks.

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The student (Rosie Bentham) is pregnant with Jamie's baby after they had a steamy one-night stand.

She soon moved into Home Farm with Jamie and his mum Kim (Claire King) for a sense of security, but since then Kim's health seems to have deteriorated.

Jamie knows that Gabby is up to something and has employed Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) to help him figure out what she's up to.

But everyone is completely unaware that Gabby has been stealing money from Kim's business accounts.

Kim – who is currently being poisoned by a mystery culprit – has been suffering from dizzy spells and forgetfulness, and thinks that this is because she's showing early signs of dementia.

And fans have predicted it could be either Gabby, Jamie or ex Will Taylor trying to harm the Queen of Home Farm.

Jamie still hasn't got any closer to finding out what the mother of his child has been doing behind everyone's back, and last night he missed a number of perfect opportunities to do so.

As he walked into the room Gabby was writing in her notepad and tapping away on her laptop – and he failed to see what she was writing about.

The teen then offered to make him a cup of tea, but his sarcastic replies and nasty comments threw her off guard.

She told Jamie: "I thought I'd get started on some work stuff, help her [Kim] out a bit…"

The vet replied: "Because that's just the gem you are, right?"

Gabby snapped back: "I'm just grateful for the opportunity your mum has given me…"

"I bet you are," he replied.

Gabby then packed up all her stuff to go and see if Kim would like one instead.

But Jamie questioned why she needed her laptop and notepad to go upstairs – which could make her realise that he's on to her.

This leads onto the second error Jamie made.

As soon as Gabby left the room he got out his phone to ring Noah, telling him that he needed to up his game.

But calling his spy when Gabby was still practically in the room could have completely blown his operation to try and suss out what she's up to.

Although the way Gabby has been acting makes her the prime suspect, fans spotted a game-changing clue about Will Taylor’s link to the intense poisoning storyline last night.

The former drug dealer was seen snooping around her drinks trolley…

And that is where the culprit goes to pour the poison into her brandy.

Could it actually be Will who is posioning Kim, and not Gabby?

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