Emmerdale viewers have high praise for Katherine Dow Blyton in Malone storyline

Emmerdale viewers have been left in awe at Katherine Dow Blyton’s performance as Harriet Finch was seen breaking down over the murder of DI Malone.

Harriet’s clear-headed demeanour all but fell apart at the end of Friday night’s episode, as she was left in tears while burning evidence of Malone’s murder.

It was all after Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) shot the bent copper three times, leaving the character – who once seemed immortal to fans – gone for good.

Meanwhile, viewers have been living for the two actresses’ performances.

‘Katherine and Olivia are honestly incredible together!’ one wrote on Twitter, while another added: ‘Katherine & Olivia have been incredible this week! Got me gripped fabulous actresses.’

‘Jesus wept, Harriet. You cold as ice, hun. I’ll be right here worshipping Katherine Dow Blyton for the foreseeable,’ one more said.

You and us both!

Wednesday’s instalment had some viewers convinced Malone wasn’t actually dead, even after Dawn shot him.

Afterwards, Harriet convinced her to cover up the murder instead of going to the police, with the vicar bringing out the Marigolds and rolling up the bent copper’s body in a rug, before stuffing him in the boot of a car.

Malone was previously left fuming when he discovered that Dawn had reported him to the police, and therefore he sought revenge.

In Friday’s episode (August 14), the bent copper manipulated Dawn into entering her home by threatening Lucas’ life, but when the door was shut, he locked her inside and revealed that her boy was fine.

Monday’s instalment (August 17) saw Malone attempt to belittle Dawn, before removing a bag of drugs and a syringe from his pocket.

After doing so, he informed the young woman that he wanted her to take her own life using the drugs on the table, but as she bravely stood up to him, he withdrew a gun and threatened to pull the trigger.

As Dawn took a hold of the syringe, Harriet entered from the kitchen and struck Malone on the back of the head, leaving viewers wondering if he was dead or alive.

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