Emmerdale spoilers see Sarah collapse, Faith diagnosis heartache and huge fight

It's definitely kicking off in the Dales this week, as Emmerdale spoilers reveals there is a lot of drama for viewers to look forward to.

Faith Dingle finally receives the results from her recent medical examination, but will it be the results she was hoping for as she prepares herself for the worst?

Elsewhere, Sarah Sugden's health begins to deteriorate due to her ongoing anxiousness regarding Leanna Cavanagh's death, sparking fears that she could be about to fall ill again after going through a heart transplant.

Nicola and Mandy are also set for an explosive fight that takes place which leaves party food flying everywhere as they go to battle over Jimmy King.

Sarah collapses

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Leanna Cavanagh's untimely death has certainly caused residents to feel unsettled. But Sarah Sugden who was a close friend of Leanna is finding her tragic passing rather difficult.

Noticing that she is feeling anxious and worried, Faith Dingle suggest Sarah should try to live life on the edge a bit more.

Hoping to lift her spirits, Faith books Sarah and herself some activities to do together at the HOP for the following day. Sarah is willing to go an invites her grandad Cain Dingle along for the ride.

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Later on, Sarah becomes nervous and panicked when she bumps into Leanna's father Liam at the graveyard.

Liam reflects back on his daughter's death and tells Sarah that sometimes fate just decides when it’s your turn to go.

Though Liam was trying to be comforting, Sarah still feels uneasy and rushes home suddenly. But as soon as she arrives home she collapses to the floor.

Not long after, Sarah recovers and informs Cain and Belle Dingle about her anxiousness and worries over Leanna.

Later, Cain hands Sarah her donor information hoping he’s done the right thing.

But what will Sarah do with this new info?

Faith diagnosis heartache

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After several weeks of viewers not knowing anything about Faith's recent medical examination, her results are finally in. But will it be good news for the Dingle granny?

Faith hasn't been feeling well for quite some time and believed her cancer may have returned.

This week, while out with Sarah and Cain at the HOP, Faith receives an urgent call from the doctors who tell her that she needs to make her way to the surgery urgently.

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Trying her best not to ruin the day, Faith decides not to tell Cain or Sarah about the results. But Cain becomes suspicious and asks his mother what is going on.

Backed into a corner by Cain, Faith is forced to tell him that she has in fact received the results from her health examination.

Cain becomes angered that Faith is withholding information once again and claims he can no longer trust her.

As a result, Cain banishes Faith from the family, leaving her out in the cold.

Brutal fight

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Estranged coupled Jimmy and Nicola King are still lying to their children about their marriage, but are aware that they need to tell them they’ve split up soon.

Trying to make sure their daughter's birthday runs smoothly, Nicola suggests they wait until after Angel’s birthday to come clean.

Soon Angel’s birthday party is in full swing and everything appears to be going to plan.

But things don't stay smooth for too long, as Mandy, who is close by overhears Nicola bad mouthing her and Vinny.

In a fit or rage Mandy thwacks her with a huge inflatable.

Not long after the two women are scrapping and birthday food is flying everywhere.

When the mayhem is finally over Jimmy’s blindsided when Juliette Holliday turns up with some bad news to top off his already disastrous day.

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