Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona Goskirk betrays Moira Barton by bringing Nate into the farm

RHONA Goskirk brutally betrays Moira in Emmerdale next week when she agrees to a restaurant deal involving Nate Robinson.

The vet – who is played by actress Zoe Henry in the ITV soap – bought into Butler’s Farm to stop Moira going bankrupt. 

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Emmerdale fans were in shock after Rhona became a millionaire and bought into Moira’s farm last month. 

Moira had been struggling with the farm ever since her split from Cain – thanks to her affair with his son Nate – and the loss of her business partner Pete Barton. 

She got so desperate that she asked Kim Tate to buy the farm, but was insulted when Kim offered just half of its value.

But after inheriting Graham Foster’s millions, Rhona had enough to save the day and offered to go into business with Moira.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Rhona and Moira clash during a client meeting with the restaurant boss, Ricky Travers. 

When Moira says his proposed meat order is impossible to fulfil, Rhona is irritated that Moira has spoken over her.

Later, Kim tells Nate she has secured the restaurant deal with Ricky. 

Nate has an idea and calls Rhona to the farm under false pretences. 

He then suggests they secretly split half the restaurant deal with Butlers. 

Rhona reluctantly agrees and shakes hands on it but, knowing that Moira wants nothing to do with Nate, insists she has to be the one to tell her. 

Later, Rhona tentatively tells Moira that she’s managed to reach an agreement with Ricky. 

But with Moira’s spirits lifted, Rhona can’t bring herself to mention Nate’s part of the deal.

Will Moira discover that Rhona has gone behind her back?

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