Emmerdale spoilers: Lydia Hart devastated as health scare leaves future with Sam uncertain


Last October, Emmerdale lost the matriarch of the Dingle family when Lisa Dingle (played by Jane Cox) sadly passed away after suffering from a rare illness. Since her death, the Dingle clan have muddled through without anyone at the helm to lend a voice of reason. But, it seems Lydia Hart (Karen Black), the newest Dingle member could step into Lisa’s shoes. During an interview with Express.co.uk, the actress who plays Lydia spoke about her character’s marriage to Sam Dingle (James Hooton) and their future together, and it seems following a few weeks of post-wedding bliss, they are going to be faced with a difficult decision in regards to her own health. 


In the months running up to Christmas, Lydia was involved in a new emotional plot line when she discovered she may have Huntington’s disease. 

In November last year, scenes showed the kooky lady come face-to-face with her long-lost mother Agatha, who explained how her father had died from the same genetic condition. 

Understandably shocked to realise she may also suffer the same death, Lydia was faced with making the decision to get a test. 

Emmerdale fans will remember seeing Lydia confide in her family about her discovery, wanting to hear their opinions on what she should do next. 


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The soap revealed the next steps for Lydia should she want to partake; she would have a blood sample taken to find out whether she has the faulty gene which causes the condition. 

The process also involves sessions with a genetic counsellor, where they would talk through the potential emotional impact and whether the test is right for the individual in question. 

Some apparently choose not to know until any symptoms develop. 

Talking about the storyline previously Karen said: “What Lydia doesn’t realise [at first] is that there’s a 50% chance of her having the same thing. The odds are very high.

“When that dawns on her, it’s a massive thing to process and it’s a question of whether or not she should take the genetic test to find out. She’s not sure and she wonders whether ignorance may be bliss.”

But it seems following her wedding to Sam, this could be the next thing for Lydia to embark on. 

When asked about exploring more of Jenny’s years – Lydia’s birth name is Jenny but she changed it after giving birth to a stillborn baby as a teenager – Karen said “there is an opportunity for that”. 

“Agatha, her mother, comes back on the scene and she’s still got the Huntington’s test looming so there’s lots more avenues there for Lydia to explore,” she added. 

To add to this, the actor who plays Sam also teased an upcoming struggle for the couple. 

During an interview with This Morning last week, the soap star said “It’s soapland so we [Sam and Lydia] might get a happy couple of weeks you never know.” 

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Does this mean Lydia is going to get the Huntington’s disease test in the next couple of months? 

But what sort of impact could this have on Lydia’s life should she find out she does have the same condition her biological father died of?

According to the NHS, symptoms of condition include difficulty moving, involuntary movements in the body, stumbling and clumsiness and problems swallowing, speaking and breathing. 

Other symptoms can include difficulty concentrating, memory lapses, depression, mood swings and personality changes. 

Despite the list of possible symptoms, the condition can affect different people in varying ways, even those in the same family. 

Sadly, there is no cure for Huntington’s disease and it is usually fatal 15 to 20 years after the symptoms start to develop, with the later stages of the condition requiring full-time nursing care. 

So what does this mean for Lydia’s future? 

Fans of Emmerdale are definite they do not want Lydia killed off, taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “Oh FFS, you better not give Lydia Huntington‘s. She not been through enough? Has Sam not been through enough? #Emmerdale.” 


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Lydia take the damn test stop feeling sorry for yourself #Emmerdale,” someone else begged. 

Lydia is a lovely character, she’s been through enough, don’t let the Huntington’s disease test be positive.

#Emmerdale Lydia and Sam deserve a happy ever after,” another wrote. 

Support is available from GPs and organisations like the Huntington’s Disease Association on how to manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Emmerdale Emmerdale airs weekday Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV. 

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