Emmerdale spoilers: Innocent resident ‘shot down’ in frantic Will Taylor rampage

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Dawn Taylor (played by Olivia Bromley) has been worried the police will turn up at her door every day since she killed Malone (Mark Womack) last month. While she arguably killed the corrupt cop in self defence, it seems the same won’t be said for one of Emmeradale’s residents when they find themselves on the receiving end of Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) waving a gun around later this week. Anxious and deeply concerned his arch-nemesis is plotting and waiting to pounce, Will has been trying to get hold of a killer weapon to protect him and his family. But in a desperate bid to get the gun out of his possession, will a fight ensue in the middle of the village and an innocent bystander is shot?  

In a preview clip for Wednesday night’s episode, Dawn is seen leaving a voicemail for Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton). 

“Hey Harriet it’s me, I know you can’t get away right now, something’s happened – it’s dad, he’s not in a good way. 

“Look can you just call me back when you get this, or call dad, I don’t think I can talk him down. It’s pretty serious, he’s trying to get a gun -“ 

“Who are you talking to?” Will interrupted. 

“I was just phoning Harriet, seeing how she is getting on,” his daughter explained. 

“And that’s all? Because I don’t want her knowing anything about this,” Will commented. 

“Okay, well, now you’re sounding pretty paranoid. Dad, I know this is hard for you -“ Dawn tried to reason but Will butted in: “You reckon so do you? 

“You’ve got no idea how I feel every time I hear the door close or someone on the stairs.” 

“Look, I am sorry that I lost it with you, but we have to realise what can happen. These things can kill people,” Dawn explained. 

“Yes and Malone knows that, which is why to keep him way he just needs to see that I’ve got one,” Will nervously responded. 

“Can you just forget about him, he’s not important,” viewers will see Dawn urge. 

“I am like this because of him!” Will hollered. 

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“Maybe we need to talk to your counsellor?” She suggested by her father shot her idea down: “A counsellor’s not going to do anything!” 

“At least they’d show you you’re not thinking straight,” Dawn said. 

“Believe me, I’m more focused than I’ve ever been,” Will argued. 

“This is not jut some figure in the corner of my eye, this is real! He is coming. 

“You think because he hasn’t shown up already it’s not happening?” The ex-criminal continued to shout. 

“Malone is playing mind games, he’s going to pick his moment and I’m not going to sit around until it happens. So I’ve got to be prepared.” 

It comes after Will tries to arrange a gun to be delivered to him and Dawn intercepted the transaction. 

He also mentioned seeing Malone last week, adamant he was walking around the village. 

Should he be experiencing hallucinations, it wouldn’t be surprising if he went on a rampage through the village. 

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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