Emmerdale legend Deena Payne admits she asked soap bosses not to cast 'creepy' Tony Audenshaw as Bob Hope

EMMERDALE legend Deena Payne has admitted she asked bosses not to cast Tony Audenshaw as Bob Hope because she found him "creepy" in the audition.

The actress played village legend Viv Hope for 18 years on the ITV soap before she was axed in 2011.

She told Soap on the Box podcast: "The truth being there were six people auditioning for Bob and the producer came up to me and said, ‘look did you have any feelings about any them?’

"And I said, ‘Look just not number six because he was really creepy’. And that was Tony.

"Anyway bless him, not that anyone told him and he got the job. And in retrospect he was so right."

Deena also revealed she had no idea her character was being killed off before she got the scripts.

However despite being promised a major exit storyline, Deena was left hurt when her character was suddenly killed off with the actress only discovering her fate when she got the script.

She said: “That was a bit of a funny thing my death. 

“I wasn’t furious, I was a bit hurt I think because having ridden so many waves and really enjoyed it.”

Deena added to Soap From the Box podcast: “[Producer] Steve Frost thanked me and said you’d have a really good storyline out but we can’t think of anything for the future. 

“And I thought, ‘Hmm someone with a history, when you’re new you don’t have a history to bring things back.’ 

“I was a bit taken aback when I got the script. I was waiting for a storyline to work up and I’d got pantomime because I knew I was going. 

“I just went up and asked if I was in anything that week because I’m starting pantomime and she said, ‘Oh you’ve gone, you’re not in it.’. 

“And the script I had got – I didn’t even cry out for help. I just died.”

Viv was killed off in a fire after getting drunk and passing out before the inferno consumed her and the flat.

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However Deena revealed that she could make a bombshell return as Viv because the body was never seen and she wasn’t buried in the village.

“You didn’t see the body, did you?” she said. 

“I could be in the woods with Terry. And they sent my gubbins down to London. I don’t even have a grave stone in Emmerdale.”

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