Emmerdale fans slam soap as Mackenzie Boyd flirts up a storm with Aaron Dingle

EMMERDALE fans have slammed for the show for gay-baiting with Aaron Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd.

The mechanic and the criminal have shared multiple flirty scenes over the last few months but it hasn’t gone anywhere.

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And now fans have accused the soap of trying to replicate Aaron’s popular relationship with ex-husband Robert Sugden – without actually doing it.

Last night they were criticised for the flirting scenes and they called it gay-baiting.

“So what would you call this – is this our first date?” Mack said flirtatiously tonight as the pair embarked on another scam.

Aaron smiled back: “Dream on there’s so far I’d lower my standards.”

But Mack told him: “Tell you what I will treat you to a couple of pints at the Woolie after this. 

“Just a few mind you, after that I’m anyones.”

But their flirting was interrupted when dodgy Kev, the man due to buy their stolen goods found a tracker Moira had planted in the van.

He fled enraged leaving Aaron and Mack stuck.

They went to the pub where Aaron treated Mack to a few pints before Charity arrived to let rip.

She raged: “There won’t be a next time for either of you. 

“Because of you two Kev’s under the impression we’re undercover for the police. So congratulations – we’re blacklisted. It’s over.”

Aaron then checked to see if Mack was OK but fans are annoyed and have accused the soap of gay baiting them.

One wrote: “@emmerdale This is just queerbaiting now.”

A second said: “Honestly Mack & Aaron couldn't stop looking, smiling & Flirting with each other. Can't trust you to keep your clothes on. 

“Either @emmerdale are queerbaiting or #Macron are seriously getting it on.”

However, another added: “I really love this banter and chemistry between Aaron and Mackenzie. It's a slow development but it's working really well in my opinion. Can't wait to see where this go. #Emmerdale”

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