Emmerdale fans in tears as Tracy Metcalfe breaks down with postnatal depression

EMMERDALE viewers are in tears after Tracy Metcalfe broke down with postnatal depression.

In harrowing scenes the new mum struggled to cope and began hitting herself and insisting that Frankie was scared of her.

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As Frankie began squirming, not wanting her nails clipped, Tracy broke down and the baby began crying.

“Now don’t cry, you were so brave with your injections,” Tracy said, it all becoming too much.

“That big scary needle, and you were brilliant and just let Wendy do it. 

“Now it’s just me, let me do it again. Please don’t cry, don’t cry at me. When daddy trims your nails you love it. Why are you crying at me? 

“You’re scared of me, aren’t you? You think I’m going to hurt you again like that scratch.”

Sobbing, Tracy begged: “Oh no, please stop crying, stop doing this. Please. I know, OK, you don’t need to scream at me. 

“What, do you want me to say it out loud, is that it? I can’t do this – I can’t keep you safe. I can’t cope. I can’t cope.”

Tracy then began hitting herself in the head as she sobbed, but when Nate returned home Tracy pretended everything was fine and hid her despair from him.

And fans were left in tears for her.

One wrote: "Poor Tracy."

A second said: "Tracy needs help!" 

Another added: "When is someone going to realise that Tracy needs help?"

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