Emmerdale fans floored by Arthur Thomas’ growth spurt after months off-camera

Emmerdale fans did a double-take during Tuesday’s episode, as Arthur Thomas appeared on the screen looking dramatically different.

Arthur, played by Alfie Clarke, hasn’t been seen in the Yorkshire dales for a while, but made a return to the village this evening.

He could be seen storming down the stairs at the beginning of the episode, picking a fight with his mum Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) before he headed to school.

When Laurel accused him of being "lazy," Arthur snapped back: "I'm sick of being shouted at!"

The schoolboy looked significantly taller than before, as a number of fans of the soap took to social media to exclaim over his height.

Taking to Twitter, Emmerdale fans wondered how Arthur had grown so quickly, as the actor enters his teen years.

One said: “Blimey, Arthur has gained about 4 inches since we last saw him.”

“Can’t believe that’s Arthur he has grown so much, can’t wait to see what mischief he’s got in store for us!” and a second wrote.

And a third penned: “Arthur's been sleeping in a bag of Miracle Gro #Emmerdale.”

“Arthur has got so big! #Emmerdale,” added a fourth.

Arthur was at the heart of a traumatic storyline last year, bullying poor Archie behind closed doors as he struggled to cope with his mum's new relationship.

One year later, and Laurel and her partner Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) have managed to get their relationship back on track, with their sons making peace with one another.

However, the sweethearts have been rocked by the news Laurel has fallen pregnant – and there are concerns for the health of the baby.

No doubt, Arthur will be at the centre of the harrowing storyline to come, as they decided how to proceed with the news.

Could he prove a support system for his mum, or is a teen rebellion on the cards?

Emmerdale airs on weekdays at 7pm on ITV with an extra helping on Thursdays at 8pm.

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