Emmerdale fans demand Brenda Walker goes to prison for poisoning Dan – The Sun

EMMERDALE viewers have demanded Brenda Walker is sent to prison after poisoning Dan Spencer.

The cafe owner – who is played by actress Lesley Dunlop in the ITV soap – failed to label her new vegan wrap ingredients properly and ended up almost killing Dan.

He was left paralysed after falling when he went into anaphylactic shock when he ate the wrap which had vegan mayo with almonds in it.

Dan fell and injured his spine during the terrifying ordeal and after Eric helped him by ringing the ambulance, Brenda tried to hide the evidence.

She even tried to shift blame to Wendy Posner but the midwife called her out on it in tonight’s episode and Brenda panicked.

Eric realised Brenda was lying and convinced her to tell the truth.

“I bought the dressing from a supermarket and it wasn’t until afterwards I realised it had almond milk in it,” she told him.

He demanded she apologise to Dan and she reluctantly agreed and went to the hospital but her attitude didn’t put Dan in a forgiving mood.

As she insisted his injuries were caused by the fall and not the reaction, he raged at her: “You didn’t label it properly.

“Do you realise what you’ve done to me? I’ve got physio for months and I might never walk again. I fell because I had an anaphylactic shock because of you. If you’d have labelled the ingredients properly this would never have happened. You’ve ruined my life and Amelia’s.”

Brenda rushed out of the hospital room sobbing but viewers had no sympathy for her and instead they wanted her taken to prison.

One wrote: “No, sorry, but Brenda needs to be punished for this – she could have killed him."

A second said: “Brenda is a very irresponsible cafe owner."

Another added: “I hope Brenda gets locked up!"

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