Emmerdale fans convinced they've solved Ethan's secret identity as Meena's plot exposed

EMMERDALE fans are playing detective about who Ethan Anderson's mum really is after Meena Jutla was exposed as a fake.

Viewers of the ITV soap were left furious last week after Meena's scam to be the vicar's son's long-lost mother was uncovered by her sister Manpreet Sharma.

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It was all part of Meena's sick scheme to get Manpreet back together with vicar Charles, Ethan's father, so in sisterhood solidarity, Manpreet kept quiet.

Emmerdale super-fans are now speculating as to the real parentage of Ethan, played by Emile John.

One took to Twitter to write: "I reckon that in the fullness of soap time, Ethan will turn out to be Nate’s brother. Same mother (can’t remember her name, sorry!)"

Another soaps fan agreed and posted: "I said same thing a while back!"

The pair are referring to Nate Robinson, played by Jurell Carter, whose mother is Cara Robinson.

Cara raised Nate alone – with his father Cain Dingle not knowing of his existence until recently.

Others have speculated Manpreet – who dated Charles years earlier, is Ethan's actual mum, and perhaps she has not let slip Meena's deception because of this.

Additionally Kim Tate's doctor, played by Funlola Olufunwa, is also in the frame.

Last week, Manpreet worked out the scandal and confronted her sister, saying: “This is your phone, isn’t it? You have been impersonating Ethan’s mother. What kind of sick game are you playing?”

“It’s not a game,” Meena said.

“Everything I’ve done – it’s been for you. You were so close with Ethan years ago, right? 

“I thought if he started to confide in you, which he did, if you shared a secret, which you have done, then he’d start to trust you again. And he has, hasn’t he? 

“Then Charles would see how fabulous you are with Ethan, he’d be reminded of how fabulous you are and then he might dump Andrea and want to be with you.”

As Manpreet savaged her sister for her cruel actions, Meena told her not to say anything, adding: “What they don’t know, won’t hurt them, will it?”

Manpreet added: “You are manipulative and dishonest. I think it’s time you and me have a chat with Charles.”

But when she went to tell Charles, he apologised to Manpreet – and his change of heart changed her mind.

Instead of exposing Meena, she kept her secret and lied to Charles.

Viewers were disgusted with Manpreet for backing her sister.

One wrote: "No Manpreet do the right thing, don't let her manipulate you #Emmerdale."

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