Emmerdale fans convinced new vicar Charles is an undercover agent – and he's determined to expose Harriet

EMMERDALE fans are convinced that new vicar Charles is an undercover agent – and he's determined to expose Harriet for her murder.

The clergyman – played by actor Kevin Mathurin in the ITV soap – made his first appearance in the village last month, but many think that he's not as innocent as he's trying makes out.

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On Monday Harriet Finch was left worried that Charles may be onto her after confronting her about Malone's disturbed grave.

As viewers already know, the faulty clergywoman and Dawn killed bent copper Mark Malone and buried him in a grave that already had someone in it.

Harriet then had to move the body when the true occupant's daughter decided that she wanted her dad to be elsewhere.

Earlier this week Charles was left feeling uneasy when he was told that a grave had been disturbed and told Harriet that he would have to report it as it's a criminal offence.

However, Harriet wasn't keen on the idea as there's a chance that could blow her cover and prove that she's a murderer.

The pair had a heated discussion which ended in Harriet asking him to keep it between themselves, however a suspicious Charles didn't back down and wanted to know what she was hiding from him.

Last night the pastor also became very defensive when Bob started asking him questions about himself in the pub – maybe he was worried that they would blow his cover as a policeman?

Viewers of the show have taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the newbie, with many in belief that he's not who he really says he is.

One wrote: "Just a thought, don't know if this has been mentioned before. But what if Charles is not really a vicar but an undercover detective and he's investigating Malone's disappearance. Or is that too far fetched? #emmerdale."

A second said: "Is Charles an undercover cop? #Emmerdale."

A third chimed in: "I’ve said it once and ill say it again Charles the new Vicar is a bizzie #Emmerdale."

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