Emily Atack leaves fans speechless as she rubs herself and simulates sex act live on stage in her new show

EMILY Atack shocked her fans during the second episode of her stage show as she got a bit handsy with herself.

The comedian and TV star, 30, stars in the ITV series The Emily Atack Show and simulated the sex act live on stage.

The Inbetweeners actress was telling her audience about a dud one night stand she'd had recently.

She started the joke: "I am always amazed at how blokes, they kind of manage to keep the self esteem on a night out.

"You know, they leave the house with their freshly ironed shirts, Febreezed their b*****s, hours later they are a roaring pack of p***** and they are all wearing nothing but those green Borat thongs.

"But we all know that at least one of us is going to go home with one of those sexy little wrong-uns.

"You get back to his house, you get down to it.

"You know what it is like you've had a few so in your mind this is what's going on."

Rocking the stage as Beyoncé's sexy song Drunk In Love played, Emily then got raunchy herself.

She started to touch herself, grabbed her chest, moved her hips around seductively and then pushed up her boobs.

Emily finished the raunchy dance by flipping her hair and licking her lips.

The star then delivered the punchline: "But in reality we all know this is what is happening."

It's not the first time the blonde bombshell has shocked on her ITV series.

She revealed she's shared a huge family secret on the hilarious new sketch show that mortified her parents.

Emily's mum desperately tried to stop her dad from hearing the moment when they watched the yet to be aired show.

Talking to the Mirror, Emily said it was a weight off her shoulders performing the sketch.

She said: “I’m sick of my brother threatening to tell everyone.

“He’s had this reign of terror on me for years, so I thought ‘right, I’m getting this out in the open’.

"No parent on Earth should have to listen to it. I thought, sod it, I’ve got so much power up here and I’m going to milk it. There were a lot of open mouths and shocked faces."

The ITV2 series is going down a storm with viewers as well as those who have been parodied.

The Emily Atack shows airs Wednesdays on ITV2 at 10pm.

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