Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's Home Was Broken Into on the Fourth of July

Anyone with information on the break-in is encouraged to call Detective Daniel Kohli at 805-681-4150.

News of the burglary comes a week after DeGeneres and de Rossi mourned the loss of their beloved dog, Wolf.

"Last night we had to say goodbye to our dog Wolf," the TV host wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of the duo on their wedding day in 2008 with the poodle-Maltese mix. "He brought us so much love and joy. I hope we did the same for him."

DeGeneres and de Rossi are also pet parents to dogs Kid, Augie and Mrs. Wallis Browning, whom they rescued last year, and three cats.

DeGeneres told PEOPLE back in 2009 that she had rescued Wolf "off the street," and that the little dog had been "mistreated."

"Wolf was in pretty bad shape. He was tiny … he was [malnourished], he couldn’t stand up. His back legs couldn’t support him because he had never been put down," she said at the time. "But he’s just the craziest, sweetest dog now. Just a love!"

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