Elizabeth Warren Previews DNC Speech, Gives Good Dog Bailey a Treat on 'Colbert'

Elizabeth Warren discussed her upcoming speech at the Democratic National Convention and bridging the gap between the progressive and establishment wings of the party during an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Tuesday, August 18th.

The highlight of the interview, however, arguably happened about a minute in when, before all the politics, Colbert asked Warren for an update on her golden retriever, Bailey. Warren quickly coaxed Bailey to her side to give him a treat, while an astonished Colbert asked the Senator, “Can you train my dog, Benny? Because he is a wild animal!”

Warren then went on to talk about her speech at the DNC Wednesday, August 19th, giving Colbert a succinct preview: “Spoiler alert, what I’m gonna talk about is that I think Joe Biden is going to make a much better president than Donald Trump.”

Colbert then asked Warren about the divide between the progressive wing of the Democratic party (exemplified by herself and Bernie Sanders) and its more centrist coalition (Biden and his VP pick Kamala Harris). Specifically, Colbert focused on the way Trump and Republicans have been trying to paint Biden as a Trojan horse for the left, while Republicans endorsing Biden, such as John Kasich, have claimed he’s not going to go too far left. “Which is it?” Colbert asked.

“Let’s just look at the facts,” Warren said. “Joe Biden has committed to build back better. And let me tell you what that means through Joe Biden’s own plans: It means investing in working families. So he said he’s going to invest in childcare, in canceling student loan debt, that he’s going to expand social security, and better care for seniors, including seniors that are cared for at home. He says he’s going to make the rich pay their fair share — gonna be painful for you, Stephen, but that’s what’s gonna happen. That he’s going to insist on corporations having some accountability. These are the kinds of plans that I don’t think are just about Democrats — I think these are the plans that all of America wants. These are the plans that will make our country work.”

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