Ed Sheeran signs big money deal to be new face of TikTok

HE’S preparing to make a comeback with new music but fresh tunes aren’t the only thing Ed Sheeran is working on.

I can reveal the pop superstar is the new face of viral video app TikTok after signing a big- money contract with bosses.

A social media source said: “Ed has signed a mega deal with TikTok and was filming for them in London recently.

“It is a huge coup to get someone as big as Ed on board and everyone is really excited about the end result.

“TikTok is a huge platform for artists now and Ed can see that.

“It was something he wanted to get involved in and the project he has done with them is really exciting.”

Ed has shown the social media app that he’s more than worth his money with a viral video he posted on his Instagram.

He and Friends star Courtney Cox recreated her character Monica Geller’s “routine” dance from the sitcom, which became a huge favourite after she did it with her on-screen brother Ross, who was played by David Schwimmer.

Days after a show aired about the cast getting back together, Ed wrote: “Had a reunion of our own this weekend.”

He took Ross’s part to perfection up until the finale, when he failed to catch a flying Courteney and the pair tumbled to the floor.

Ed’s new partnership with TikTok is just the start of his comeback, which kicked off days ago at Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

He performed at Snape Maltings Concert Hall, in his beloved Suffolk, for the virtual event and played a set of his biggest hits as well as new song Visiting Hours.

Insiders said it was likely his alliance with TikTok would also be a new way for him to promote his latest music.

A source added: “TikTok is massive for artists now and Ed knows it is a platform many of his fans use.

“By getting involved it’s also a different way for him to share what he has been working on.”

It’s great to finally have Ed back in the fold.

He took a well-earned hiatus in December 2019 and went on to start a family with his missus Cherry Seaborn.

The pair welcomed their daughter Lyra Antarctica into the world last year and Ed’s song Afterglow was dedicated to her.

Now he has rested Ed is ready to launch another assault on the charts and, given his track record, whatever he comes out with will almost certainly turn immediately into gold.

Noel's a Brit lippy

His antics at the Brit Awards were infamous and made the bash what it was but Noel Gallagher reckons the biggest night in British music has lost its way.

In fact, the Oasis legend – whose onstage jibes at the bash included calling INXS’s Michael Hutchence a has-been in 1996 and mocking Best Newcomer winners A1 in 2001 – has called the do “s**t”.

On the subject of Covid, Noel, who is campaigning to get music venues open again, said: “The gathering of people is important. And if we don’t get it back soon, people will forget what that’s like, and they’ll get used to streaming and watching s**t programmes like the Brits.”

In a new chat with the Radio Times, Noel told of a hilarious moment when he had his vaccination.

The caner was on the receiving end of a cheeky remark from the nurse who was injecting him in Hampshire.

He said: “So I went to a Holiday Inn in Winchester, and I said to the vaccinators, ‘In layman’s terms, what am I gonna feel like?’.

“And one of them looked at me – I had a mask on but she recognised me – and said, ‘Mr Gallagher, I suspect you had worse hangovers in the Nineties.’
And I was like, ‘Get in.’”

Now there’s an advert to get the vaccine, if I’ve ever heard one.

Tom Jones

He may be a judge on The Voice but that hasn’t stopped Sir Tom Jones taking aim at the kids’ version of the ITV show.

The Welsh crooner has ques­tioned why children so young are allowed to perform on national television.

He said: “When I see kids and they come into the business early, like with The Voice Kids, I love to hear kids sing, I really do, but you think, what is it doing to that person?

“Getting into showbusiness that early . . . I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not. That can change you.

“Getting fame early is more difficult than being 24, I’d been on building sites and factories and sang in pubs and clubs, things like that.”

The Sex Bomb singer was speaking on Joe Wicks’ podcast and he opened up about the difficulty of moving on after his long-time wife Linda died of cancer in 2016.

He said: “I’m on my own now, more or less. No, I’ll never love again, there was one love of my life, that was Linda.

“I have friends and stuff. I’m glad we had our lives together but I wish she was here now, we would be old together.

“When you get older you’re not clubbing like you used to be. I’m a lot calmer now, it’s a part of my life now that I’m enjoying, knowing I’ve done a lot of stuff in the past, like drinking, a lot of shows, a lot of high-energy stuff, now I can calm down now I’m older and take my time with stuff.

“I can’t wait to get back on the road but not two shows a night any more.”
He’s still a Sex Bomb as far as I’m concerned.

John: Let's talk JJ

John Boyega appears to have gone back on his comments that he had “moved on” from his Star Wars role.

The Hollywood A-list actor now says he would return to the sci-fi franchise – but only if director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy were involved.

Brit John, who played turncoat stormtrooper Finn in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise Of Skywalker, said: “I am open to the conversation as long as it’s Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams and the team.

“It’s a no-brainer.”

Rita Ora

There’s nothing grey about one of my favourite pop stars Rita Ora.

The Anywhere singer, often an outrageous dresser, wore this rather bland jumper with leather skirt and heels showing off her glowing legs.

She still managed to make it look glamorous though. Posting the snap on Instagram, she wrote: “Chilling.”

Luckily for Rita she won’t be doing that for long as she’s set to return to The Masked Singer, despite rumours she would be axed after her Covidiot 30th birthday party.

She is in Australia with her director boyfriend Taika Waititi. He was said to have been given a dressing down by Marvel chiefs over his three-way snog with Rita and actress Tessa Thompson.

Both are in Sydney filming scenes for his film Thor: Love And Thunder.
Plenty of that going on offscreen.


First it was Ben Affleck and now it’s another ex, Marc Anthony, that Jennifer Lopez has been spotted with.

They were seen having lunch and coffee in Miami at the W South Beach hotel.

A source told US publication People magazine: “Jennifer and Marc Anthony have a great relationship.

“Having Marc around while she has had to work abroad has been very comforting for Jennifer.

“A lot of hotel guests recognised her and she was super nice and upbeat with anyone who approached. They ordered coffee.”

She was hawked there just weeks after she called off her engagement to baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

JLo is reported to have reignited her romance with Hollywood star Ben, who she was seen with in Montana and Miami.

What a mad world she is living.

Liam’s mental health

Liam Payne has been struggling with his mental health while battling a mystery illness.

In a new YouTube blog, he said: “It’s been a very weird and very poorly few weeks – a lot of coughing – I feel for anyone who’s ill right now.

“When I can’t train or work out I become a depressive madman.”

Liam also told fans he has been teaching his son with Cheryl how to swim.

He said: “I try to push him quite hard sometimes, its tough to know the right balance. His mum’s good at that.”

Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers is gearing up for new music and managed to take some time out for a quick photoshoot.

The X Factor semi-finalist in 2008 posed for a few snaps with photographer Lenara Choudry and wore a white vest and jeans. Keep it simple, Di.

She is in the studio recording new songs as well as working on scripts for TV shows.

Diana and her writing partner Matt Tiller are set to go into production later this year, with Netflix and BBC interested.

What a year it’s going to be for her.

She said she wanted to be married by next year and Addison Rae is taking matters into her own hands.

The US TikTok star, singer and actress has been spotted on a date with Chelsea footballer Ruben Loftus-Cheek in London’s Oxford Street.

An onlooker said: “They were holding hands and very affectionate.”

Around the time, Addison tweeted her fans asking: “What is the best pizza in London? Asking for myself, I want a good pizza so bad.”

She told pal Hailey Bieber recently: “Hopefully I’ll be married like next year.”

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