EastEnders: Whitney Dean's disappearance explained as Leo's murder trial begins

WHITNEY Dean disappears off the face of the earth next week in EastEnders as her murder trial looms.

Fans were fuming after Michaela’s toxic online posts drove Whitney to plan a great escape in last night’s episode. But does she really flee the country? Here’s everything you need to know about Whitney’s mysterious disappearance…

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Why has Whitney decided to flee the country in EastEnders?

Last night’s episode of EastEnders saw Whitney decide that she needed to flee the country to escape a life behind bars. 

Whitney has been released from prison on bail after accidentally killing Leo King but is terrified of what the outcome of her upcoming murder trial will be.

Sonia encouraged Whitney to get back to normal and try and forget about her court appearance, but the stall-holder was distraught when she discovered that Leo’s mum Michaela had been slandering her online. 

Fans were devastated by the emotional scenes and took to Twitter to defend Whitney.

One fan said: "Poor Whitney being trolled online the vile  scum they’ve got no idea what she went through #EastEnders."

Another added: "So Whitney is gonna go on the run and end up back inside this is such bs poor Whitney hope she doesn’t get sent down #EastEnders."

A third said: "Oh poor #Whitney does she ever get a break #EastEnders."

Following a worrying heart to heart with Max Branning in which he divulged the terrors of being in prison, Whitney then made the drastic decision to run for the hills rather than face her trial. 

The closing moments of the episode saw Whitney clutching her passport. 

Tonight’s episode will see Whitney head to The Vic and say an emotional goodbye to her sister. 

But will Whitney really risk everything by fleeing the country?

What do we know about Whitney’s disappearance next week?

Official spoilers have revealed that all hell will break loose in EastEnders next week when Gray realises that Whitney has vanished without a trace. 

Sonia then finds a letter from Whitney reinforcing her fears that Whit has done a runner. 

Disaster strikes when Gray’s boss Laura arrives for a meeting with Whitney – who’s nowhere to be seen – as her murder trial looms. 

Everyone does their best to cover for her, but could she be in trouble for breaching bail if Laura clocks what’s happened? 

And, more importantly, has Whitney actually fled the country or has something more sinister happened to her?

EastEnders are yet to confirm details surrounding Whitney’s disappearance and only time will tell. 

Will Whitney be found guilty for Leo’s murder in EastEnders?

EastEnders are yet to confirm the outcome of Whitney’s trial – or whether she’ll even return to the Square in time for it – and fans will have to tune in to find what happens. 

But Shona McGarty – who plays Whitney – has spoken out to say her character will never recover after Leo’s death regardless of the outcome of the trial.

Speaking to The Mirror, the actress said: "Whitney likes to think that it’s over but deep down she knows it's not, because even though Leo’s gone, he’s still going to win."

She continued: “Whitney has now killed someone and whatever happens next, that’s not something she can ever forget. I think it could change Whitney forever.”

Shona went on to explain her character’s devastation: "Whitney feels guilty, distraught and is completely broken, she doesn't know which way to turn.

"She does feel like it was an accident but she’s worried people won’t see it that way because of the circumstances, no one was there to witness what happened."

She added: "She does also feel guilty that it’s Leo as well, it’s tragic – he didn't believe that his dad was a paedophile and Whitney knows that he was. It’s really awful and sad."

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