EastEnders: Tiffany Butcher's exit explained as she and Keegan Baker face eviction

TIFFANY Butcher dropped the shock bombshell on Keegan Baker that they were being evicted this week in EastEnders.

With Keegan and Tiffany’s marriage already at rock bottom and Keegan facing criminal charges, might Tiffany decide she’s got nothing left and bid farewell to the Square? Here's everything you need to know about Tiff's fate on the BBC One soap…

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Is EastEnders’ Tiffany leaving Walford for good?

Things weren’t looking great for Tiffany in the Square this week in EastEnders when she revealed to Keegan that they were being evicted. 

Keegan had just been falsely arrested for criminal damages after the police accused him of throwing a brick through a police car at Vinny’s party. 

And when he was finally released pending investigation, he arrived home to the shocking news that Tiffany had been hiding letters sent to their flat – and that they were now being evicted from their home. 

She sobbed: "I don't know what we're going to do. We've got nowhere to live.”

But EastEnders are yet to confirm whether Tiffany will bid farewell to the Square or stay and support her husband – and fans will have to tune in to find out. 

Are Keegan and Tiffany going to break up in EastEnders?

TIFFANY and Keegan’s marriage reached breaking point last month in EastEnders after Keegan’s application for a business loan was rejected.

Keegan blamed a string of racial injustices for his angry behaviour, but Tiffany told him that was no excuse – and that everyone has challenges of their own to overcome.

But Keegan didn't like Tiffany's harsh words and accused her of not getting him. 

She fought back by asking who it was that was sleeping on the sofa – and told him that their behaviour was wrecking them.  

Spoilers have revealed that Keegan is only going to get increasingly frustrated by his arrest and reach boiling point in front of his sister Bailey. 

Is Keegan going to prison in EastEnders?

Keegan might have been released pending investigation, but he still faces charges for the criminal damage offence and could end up behind bars. 

Tiffany was distraught as she watched her husband driven away in handcuffs and ran to her uncle Jack Branning for help. 

But Jack didn’t seem confident that Keegan would be able to get out of this one, given the police officer’s racial bias. 

And matters got a whole lot worse when a corrupt cop tampered with the evidence to incriminate Keegan for the crime.

Keegan looks to be in trouble, buts fans will have to tune in to see if Keegan ends up having to do time for a crime he didn’t commit. 

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