EastEnders star Patsy Palmer reveals Bianca's famous red hair is going grey as she shows off 'wrinkly neck' in selfie

EASTENDERS' most iconic redhead actress Patsy Palmer is turning varying shades of grey – and she loves it.

The TV star, who relocated to Malibu, California, after latest stint in Walford as Bianca Jackson, is embracing the ageing process and all the changes that come with it.

Taking to her Instagram page the London native, 48, posted a selfie showing her in a bright blue shirt to offset her red hair flowing over her shoulders.

She wore snazzy aviator sunglasses despite taking the snap from the inside of her car.

In her caption, Patsy, a mum of four, drew attention to her naturally wavy locks flowing down her shoulders and wrote: "My hair is going grey!!!

"I love the way it’s going. My neck is getting old and wrinkled.

"Just love the appreciation I have for life and how far I’ve come. Thanks to god for the grace and love ❤️"

Her followers were just as eager to praise her look, with one writing: "Beautiful inside and out x ❤️."

Another posted: "Looking great, Pats," as a third added the wise words: "Growing old is a privilege denied to many. How empowering to see you looking utterly stunning, embracing the circle of life ♥️."

Another then surmised: "Life is a magic journey."

The actress has made two EastEnders comebacks in the past 18 months alone, yet she says she never watches the BBC1 soap and doesn’t know who any of her new colleagues are.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun in May, she said upping the episodes of the soap to four per week was a mistake.

Patsy said: "I haven’t watched EastEnders for six years, so when I go back I have no idea who anyone is. There’s all new people there.

“That’s how that show goes. I don’t know what’s going to happen to it.

“When I was on set I was talking to one of the writers and I said they should never have had EastEnders go three or four times a week. It was a big mistake in my book.

“They should have kept it at two times a week, not followed what all the other soap operas did.

“They should have stayed at two times a week and written really solid, good stories that lasted for quite some time instead of chopping and changing. Now you go away from it for a week, come back and don’t know what’s going on.”

The series, which began in 1985, upped its weekly episode count from two to three in 1994, then to four in 2001.




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