EastEnders spoilers: Suki Panesar breaks down in tears over shocking family news

SUKI Panesar breaks down over shocking family news next week in EastEnders.

The tragic news comes after Ben Mitchell makes an impulsive decision to cancel insider protection for Jags, who’s serving a prison sentence after Suki framed him for a crime he didn’t commit in the BBC One soap. 

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Suki recently dropped the bombshell that Jags is in a lot of trouble in prison, urging Kheerat to pull some strings to keep him safe.

In scenes set to air next week, Kheerat hans Ben the money to pay for Jags’ protection in prison, but their deal is rocked when Ben notices Kheerat getting cosy with his enemy Sharon. 

Meanwhile, Suki is fuming to discover that Habiba has given birth to Jags’ baby, and shocked to realise that Kheerat knew. 

When Kheerat admits he’s paying Habiba’s rent, Suki orders him to stop but he tells her he’d had enough and storms out.

Meanwhile, Ben confronts Whitney and demands to know why she's been sneaking around with Callum, but she tells him he needs to talk to his husband. 

With his own love life heading on a downward spiral, Ben is fuming when he spots Kheerat and Sharon looking all loved-up.

Furious at Kheerat’s betrayal, Ben makes an ominous phone call. 

Kheerat spends the night with Sharon and returns home the following morning to find Suki still furious. 

Kheerat tells Sharon they need to cool things off for a while while he focuses on his family. 

He meets up with Ben and comes clean about Sharon but tells him it’s over. 

When Kheerat thanks Ben for looking out for Jags, Ben’s guilty conscience sets in.

Later, Kheerat goes to apologise to Suki but is shocked when he realises she’s crying.

 Has something happened to Jags?

Hinting at a grisly end for Jags, actress Balvinder Sopal – who plays Suki – recently told Metro.co.uk: “One foot wrong and it could all just end horribly. They’ve asked for help from the last people that they should be asking for help from. She’s worried, she’s not physically there in prison to take care of him.

“I almost see her walking around with a bat and fending off anyone that lays a finger on him. He’s her son, he belongs to her. So, she does also feel a little bit helpless that she’s having to do things from afar and that she must put her faith in another person.

“It’s very precarious. I think she’s worried that Kheerat is dabbling with fire when he really shouldn’t be. He should be focusing on looking after the family. It all has a knock-on effect. It’s a real complex web of deals and emotions and loyalty.

"It’s a recipe for disaster."

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