EastEnders spoilers: Denise Fox warns Ellie Nixon about Raymond’s biological father Phil Mitchell

DENISE Fox warns Ellie Nixon about Raymond’s biological father Phil Mitchell next week in EastEnders after she discovers he's been visiting the toddler.

Denise is desperate to keep Raymond – the child she gave up for adoption following a one-night stand with Phil in 2016 – as far away from his biological dad as possible given his criminal history.

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But Phil will vow to reconnect with his long-lost son this week on the soap when he gets wind that Raymond has been orphaned by a fatal car crash. 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Ben share his concerns with Callum about Phil seeing Raymond. 

But all hell breaks loose when Lexi, who's been listening in on their conversation, later tells Lola and Jay what she's heard about Phil.

While Phil visits Raymond and Ellie at the hospital, Lola quizzes Ben about Phil. 

Ben is defensive and warns Lola to stay out of it.

But clearly his advice goes in one ear and out the other as later he tells Denise that Phil has been seeing Raymond behind her back. 

Stunned at the revelation, Denise quickly phones Ellie to warn her about Phil's dodgy track record.

Later, Denise meets up with Ellie in person and tells her that Phil is dangerous – and that he can't be trusted anywhere near Raymond.

Denise then heads to confront Phil and reveal that she knows what he’s up to, sparking a furious showdown between the pair.

Later, Phil rages at Lola for spilling the beans to Denise.

How will Ellie react to Denise’s warning about Phil?

Speaking about how things turn nasty in the coming weeks between Ellie and Denise, Mica told Inside Soap: “It’s a tug of war!”

She added: "Denise wants her son for her own reasons, and Ellie wants him for her own reasons too – this little boy is stuck in the middle.”

Might Ellie be about to side with Phil against Denise?

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