EastEnders shock as Ruby Allen suffers devastating miscarriage after row with Stacey – but doesn't tell Martin

EASTENDERS fans were left emotional tonight as Ruby Allen suffered a devastating miscarriage after another row with Stacey Slater.

The pair clashed again when Martin suggested booking a trip with pregnant Ruby over Easter to relax and she said they should take his kids. 

But Stacey wasn't happy about the idea and mocked Ruby when she said in the market "let's discuss it later, parent to parent". 

That afternoon in The Vic Martin, Stacey and Ruby met up to discuss the trip but Stacey was left fuming when Lily’s ears pricked up at the mention of them going to Greece. 

An argument erupted and Ruby – who has been scheming to keep Martin away from Stacey for months – headed to the bathroom before quickly making her excuses and leaving. 

Viewers then saw Ruby on the phone to the hospital asking for an emergency scan because she was bleeding at just seven weeks pregnant.

Later, the nightclub owner looked terrified as the midwife failed to find a heartbeat.

Stacey asked the midwife: "Would stress effect the baby? I haven't exactly been calm the past few weeks."

The midwife rushes to get a second opinion but viewers soon realised it wasn't good news.

At the end of the episode Ruby arrived home to Martin and pretended she was late back because she was stuck at work.

People at home saw tears in her eyes, and couldn't help but feel her pain.

One viewer said on Twitter: "It’s sad but Ruby is an example that you can have all the money but it doesn’t buy happiness."

Another wrote: "Ruby can't not tell."

And one more observed: "omg has ruby has a miscarriage."

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