EastEnders reunion for beloved couple after Amy Mitchell admission

Eastenders’ Denise Fox on affair storyline

Ever since EastEnders’ Denise Branning (played by Diane Parish) confessed to an ill-advised flirtation with Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) she has been estranged from husband Jack (Scott Maslan).

However, she has made it very clear she still loves him and would like to work through their problems.

Unfortunately, he has been unable to move past her indiscretion despite her pleas.

Seemingly a reunion may be on the horizon though, as spoilers released by the BBC show the couple enjoying happy family time next week.

The get together comes about after Denise’s sister Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) encourages her to take control of the situation and fight to get him back.

Feeling empowered Denise heads over to the Branning household only to discover that Jack and the kids are heading out.

Learning they are on their way to an escape room activity she invites herself along.

Once there it is like old times, and they all have a great time doing the activity.

This leads to Amy (Ellie Dadd) and Ricky ( Frankie Day) making a bold suggestion when they return home.

While everyone is still caught up in the bubble of the fun day they suggest that Denise and Raymond should move back in.

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Although this is what Denise wants Jack also has to consider his children.

Amy has grown very close to her stepmother and the couple’s separation has hit her hard.

Last month, he discovered that Amy had been self-harming and despite having treatment she is still not immune to dark thoughts.

When she had an incident last week Jack was forced to call on Denise for help as Amy continued to struggle with her mental health.



In Thursday night’s episode Denise attended counselling with the rest of the family where they tried to work through the troubled teens problems.

This led to one of the most surprising returns in the soap’s history when Amy’s mother Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simmons) made a return from the dead.

As Amy zoned out at the counselling, she had a vision of her mother and the pair shared a lengthy dialogue before she snapped back to reality.

With Amy so fragile and Ricky due to become a father in the coming months there is a lot for Jack to consider before he reconciles with Denise.

Can they move past their problems and salvage their marriage?

EastEnders is on BBC One at 7.30pm Monday – Thursday.


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