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EASTENDERS' Albert Square is a place where so much goes on every week nobody can keep up. Even, it seems, the writers.

As fans often point out, there are several storylines that have been glossed over, quietly dropped or totally forgotten about it.

That's presumably why Kat's Cabs was never heard of again – and why Vincent Hubbard went missing for so long that Richard Blackwood went to Hollyoaks.

As the drama ramps up in Walford yet again tonight, we look at the plots that seem to have been left behind…

Kat Slater's cab company

Who remembers when Kat Slater wanted to follow in her dad Charlie's footsteps and become a cabbie? Well, certainly not Kat.

She once skidded around London trying to memorise the A-Z in the hope of completing the Knowledge – the famously-hard black cab test.

But the plot was quickly forgotten, robbing the capital of its first ever leopard-print cab.

Vincent Hubbard's disappearance

Where is Vincent? The poor bloke was kidnapped two years ago – and then never heard from again.

He was last seen being kidnapped at gunpoint by Aidan Maguire's henchmen – but we never saw his body which in Soapland usually means the character isn't dead.

However, Richard Blackpool, who played Vincent, clearly got bored of waiting, moving to Hollyoaks and insisting he'll never return to Albert Square.

Mick and Stuart's deadly debt

Mick Carter took the rap for something Stuart Highway did – but we still don't know what.

In fact, the mystery has taken on the air of Gavin & Stacey's 'boat trip' because it was mentioned but what actually happened has never been explained.

As one fan grumped last month: "I'm so annoyed that it's all been forgotten about."

Callum's gangster past

EastEnders viewers tonight saw Callum quizzing Sharon on how she copes being married to gangster Phil Mitchell.

But it seems to have been conveniently forgotten that 'Halfway' was hardly squeaky-clean himself at the start.

The lad burst onto EastEnders by emerging from a van and shooting Mick during a heist that went wrong.

Dot's disappearance

Dot Cotton has gone, after becoming a millionaire (yay) then having it stolen by her scheming family (boo).

She was hastily packed off to Ireland with actress June Brown saying she had "left for good".

But it seems BBC bosses aren't quite ready to say goodbye to the character just in case she changes her mind – with Dot still out there… somewhere.

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