EastEnders fans spot rude name blooper as Brian Conley makes debut as Terry Cant

EastEnders viewers were left in stitches as character Terry Cant entered the BBC soap after noticing a hilarious detail with his name and cockney accent.

Many viewers instantly fell in love with London comedian Brian Conley as he made his debut as Terry Cant in the BBC One soap on Tuesday (May 18).

On the show, Terry arrived in Walford looking for his long-lost daughter Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) and she had no idea, leaving fans gobsmacked at the encounter.

Within moments of stepping into the East End the cockney, who also goes by the name Rocky, dropped hilarious one-liners and was entertaining punters in Ruby's nightclub.

Suddenly, Sonia burst into Ruby's to give Dotty Cotton an earful and made it clear she will not stand for talking to "pervy, old men", looking at Terry.

Trumpet player Sonia then headed back to The Queen Vic to join Denise Fox and Tiffany Butcher for a drink, before cheeky chappy Terry came walking through the door.

He asked around for help to find Sonia and the nurse did a quick disappearing act under the table.

Terry later told Denise and Tiffany that he's been looking for Sonia after she sent him a letter because he is her dad.

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Viewers took to Twitter and praised Brian for a brilliant performance in the soap, but some were left questioning his name.

Fans hinted that when 'Terry Cant' is said in a cockney accent it sounds similar to a very rude word, although they find the choice of name entertaining.

One person said: "Terry Cant seems an unfortunate name for a cockney #EastEnders #terrycant #whatacant #bitrude."

A second joked: "Terry who again? Rolling on the floor laughing #EastEnders."

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A third added: "The fact Sonia’s dad is called Terry Cant and well… say his name in proper cockney and you’ll figure it out."

"Loved Brian Conley's EastEnders debut. What a natural…. oh and Terry Cant", joked another.

Brian Conley, who has been performing since the late 70s, has said he hopes his new EastEnders role will land him a place on the Britain's Got Talent judging panel.

EastEnders continues every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on BBC One.

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