EastEnders fans spot epic nod to Ronnie Mitchell as Sharon launches new business

EASTENDERS fans could not contain their excitement as they glimpsed an epic nod to Ronnie Mitchell in last night's episode.

It came as scenes showed Sharon Watts, played by Letitia Dean, preparing to launch a new business.

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Viewers hit Twitter in their droves when they saw Sharon pushing her pram into Albert Square's boxing club and gym.

Originally known as the Basher Branning gym when it was owned by Jack Branning and Michael Moon, it has recently been a forgotten location on the soap.

Janinie Butcher went on to buy Jack's share of the business, but sold it on when prison called.

It was then revived as Ronnie's when purchased by Ronnie Mitchell, who was played by Samantha Womack.

Monday night's episode saw Sharon walking into the property determined to breath new life into the spot.

"Well, here we go Albie," she said to her son as she pulled out the keys to open up the building.

Viewers saw as she dramatically turned on the lights for the first time in an age, while waiting for a treadmill delivery.

As her baby cried in the background, Sharon comforted him and as she looked around the cluttered space, she said: "It's alright… everything's going to be alright."

The action later returns with Mo Harris and Jean Slater having been hired by Sharon to tackle the cleaning.

When she sees they've not even started the job, Sharon berates them and tells them the importance of her new venture.

"This is more than just a business – you know that," said Sharon.

"This is about leaving a legacy for my son, a chance to secure his future."

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "Omg Ronnie's gym is a throwback."

"Ain’t that gym a wreck. Weren’t Jack Branning runnin’ it a while back? #EastEnders," added another.

A fan commented: "Ahh I’ve missed the gym #Eastenders" and "Omg it’s mad seeing the gym again. It’s like a bit of nostalgia #EastEnders".

One queried: "Is this Ronnie Mitchell's old Gym? #EastEnders".

While one viewer wasn't sure the storyline was anything like real life.

They said: "These Walford residents are buying houses and property like you can get it in a few days.

"Sharon has managed to buy the gym and get the keys all within the same week? Do me a favour!

"That s**t takes weeks if not months bruv! #Eastenders".

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