EastEnders fans shocked as they spot Sharon’s changed her name in the credits – sparking divorce rumours with Phil – The Sun

EASTENDERS fans have turned super-sleuth to suggest Sharon Mitchell is set for divorce.

The BBC One soap character, who attended the tragic funeral of her son Denny (aka Dennis Rickman Junior) on Monday, also appeared to have undergone a swift name change at the same time.

Sharon is married to iconic Walford hardman Phil Mitchell yet, after a disastrous few months which saw him discover her affair with Keanu Taylor, who is the father of her child, things have turned sour.

In the closing credits during Monday's show she was listed with her maiden name, as Sharon Watts.

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to pick this up, with one taking to Twitter to write: "Sharon being credited as “Sharon Watts” for the first time EVER tonight has made my week."

Another excited fan put: "So, I'm told that tonight's EastEnders is the first time Sharon has ever been given an on-screen credit of Sharon Watts!"

One soap addict bluntly put: "We love to see it. Sharon Watts."

Another then surmised: "Also, who do I have to thank for getting Sharon Watts back in the credits again tonight? They deserve a pay rise."

Sharon, played by fan favourite Letitia Dean, dropped a huge hint of her surname switch earlier in the tragic episode, in which she said: "No I'm not.

"I am Sharon Watts and this is Dennis Rickman Junior's funeral.

"Phil killed my son. There will be no Mitchells there."

The Sun Online had previously teased how Sharon would confront Phil, somewhat typically, in the Queen Vic as he made a surprise return to Albert Square.

She was seen lashing out at her former lover, who she believes is responsible for Denny's death, which came in dramatic scenes for the soap's 35th anniversary.

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