EastEnders fans in tears as Jean Slater attempts ultimate sacrifice for daughter Stacey

EASTENDERS fans were left fighting back the tears as Jean Slater attempted the ultimate sacrifice to be reunited with daughter Stacey.

Jean, played by Gillian Wright, dramatically kicked off Tuesday night's show, sitting behind the wheel of a hijacked van waiting to be arrested.

Viewers saw Sharon Watts (Leititia Dean) attempt to coax her out of the vehicle, despite Jean having damaged her expensive new gym equipment.

As Mo fails to convince her to step out, she tells the officer and Sharon: "She ain't been the same since we had news about Stacey. They've given her a year inside.

Jean tells the police woman: "Do your worse! Lock me up and throw away the key!"

Sharon, realising the reasons behind Jean's action, whispers: "It's Stacey, she wants to be with Stacey."

Asking Jean what Stacey would think if she was here, she makes it clear to Jean that her plan "won't work".

A tearful Jean responds: "I’ve got things to tell her and she will need to hug me and I will need to hold her and if this gets me closer."

One emotional viewer tweeted: "Poor Jean #Eastenders."

Another said: "I want to give Jean the biggest hug #Eastenders."

While a third commented: "Oh Jean. #Eastenders."

Jean has clearly been struggling with daughter Stacey leaving her behind to do her time in prison.

It also didn't help that her grandchildren opted to move in with their dad instead of staying with her.

Viewers know her granddaughter Lily organised the move so she can expose evil stepmum Ruby's lies – but Jean thinks she's been abandoned.

Jean also believes she's on borrowed time after convincing herself she's suffering from cancer again, opting not to have the doctors check out a lump she found.


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