EastEnders abuse revealed, Corrie attacker exposed and 18 more soap spoilers

With Christmas having come to an end, you might think our favourite soaps would be somewhat slowing down for a bit.

This simply isn’t the case, however, as there are shock revelations and huge developments aplenty still to come.

Next week, it’s all about the revelations, as Katy Lewis (Simone Lahbib) confronts Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) in EastEnders after the police arrive at her home, and Shirley (Linda Henry) is nearby for their showdown!

Similarly, Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) begins to worry about Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) in Coronation Street, and as he confronts her, she reveals the truth about the night in which Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) was attacked.

The eponymous village of Emmerdale is also home to plenty of drama next week, as Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) is left in shock when Lucas is taken away by the police, after he went missing while in Harriet Finch’s (Katherine Dow Blyton) care.

Meanwhile, George Kiss’ (Callum Kerr) reputation as Hollyoaks’ most lovable cop could be in danger, as ex Dean (Paul Sloss) resurfaces. What’s more, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) makes a huge confession to Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart).

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, really, so if that wasn’t enough to what your appetite, then do yourself a favour and check out our guide below, which previews all of next week’s unmissable moments!

Coronation Street

Faye announces to Maria that she might be pregnant. She decides to spend the night at Maria’s, but Tim grows suspicious and therefore calls at the flat, where he spots the pregnancy test. He demands answers, and Faye plucks up the courage to reveal how Ray attempted to rape her, and she attacked Adam. Tim goes in search of Ray.

Peter learns that his liver function hasn’t improved, and thus Daniel offers to be his liver donor if he’s a match. Ken implores Peter not to throw his life away, and Carla later catches him taking a swim from a bottle. He later steals a bottle of whisky, and he slumps against a wall in the ginnel and knocks it back.

Asha is hopeful that she and Corey could do something nice for her birthday, but it soon becomes apparent that all Corey is interested in is sex. Nina pops by and ultimately cheers Asha up, as she gifts her a choker — just like the one she wears.


Frankie tells Katy she deserves everything that’s coming to her, and soon the police come knocking. Katy sneaks out and shows up at Mick’s — and Mick orders her to leave, but tells her he hasn’t called the police. Katy changes tactics and tries to manipulate the situation. However, Mick tells her some home truths they are both shocked to see Shirley there.

Jean heads off to the doctors, and is convinced that her cancer is back. The doctors informs her not to worry until they have the results of the biopsy. however, when the doctor returns, Jean has vanished.

Patrick assures Denise that he didn’t want Lucas to get hurt, and therefore Denise confronts Phil. however, she is taken aback when he explains that he only talked to Lucas. As a result, Denise meets with Lucas and Chelsea, and warns him that someone else is after him.


With Sarah having disappeared, tensions are running high. Debbie returns, and it’s safe to say she is fuming. Meanwhile, Sarah bonds with Danny over their shared family problems. As they begin to undress, Charity bursts in and they leg it. Debbie demands answers from Sarah regarding her recent behaviour.

Harriet is fuming when she spots Will and Kim flirting, and she disappears after picking up Lucas. She eventually turns up drunk, and Will berates her, but Lucas’ social worker soon turns up and reveals that Harriet lost Lucas for an extended period of time. Therefore, Lucas is taken away.

In an effort to impress Rhona, Marlon dresses as Stan Laurel in a nod to the black and white movie nights they used to share with one another. But will his stunt pay off? Could romance ensue?


Liberty refuses to come home from the hospital, as she believes she hallucinated Sienna’ s kiss with Warren. Sienna is riddled with guilt, and therefore confesses that she has, in fact, been having an affair. Liberty is taken aback, and reveals that she wants to tell Brody everything!

John Paul and George return from their holiday — and George is immediately met with an internal conduct review at work. The policeman’s ex Dean later arrives in the village, and John Paul is left feeling rather concerned as a result. Dean later explains how George reduced him to the obsessive person that he’s now become, and we can see parallels between he and John Paul.

Ste starts cleaning at the law firm, but it’s uncomfortable between he and Sami. James arrives, and wants to know what Ste is doing there. James is seemingly not pleased, but he soon becomes rather angry, as he arrives at Salon De Thé to discover that Marnie has also hired Ste as a cleaner!


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  • Yasmeen offers Asha some advice in Coronation Street
  • Linda is determined to help and thus Max in EastEnders
  • Ethan tells Charles he’s been suspended in Emmerdale
  • Juliet tells Sid she’s scared in prison in Hollyoaks
  • Gray’s patience is wearing thin in EastEnders
  • Roy seeks legal advice over Ray in Coronation Street
  • Zak apologises to Belle in Emmerdale
  • Diane worries about Tony and Verity after Edward in Hollyoaks


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