Dr Hilary Jones warns 'we're in trouble' if we relax view of coronavirus

Dr Hilary Jones has warned Good Morning Britain audiences that ‘we are in big trouble’ if we relax our view of coronavirus.

The television doctor joined Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on today’s programme where he explained it is is too early to think Covid-19 is less of a threat.

His comments came after discussed an Italian doctor said a new coronavirus was losing potency.

‘There’s no scientific evidence to support the statement by a doctor in Milan who said he thinks, anecdotally, that the viral swab tests that they’re doing shows there is a reduced viral load… He’s suggesting the virus has become weaker.

‘However, other scientists are saying there is no evidence of genetic mutation making the virus weaker and anecdotal reports are not reliable. If we relax our view of this virus, we’re in for trouble.

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‘So, I think it’s wishful thinking.’

‘This virus hasn’t shown any sign of genetic mutation,’ Dr Hilary continued. ‘If it does, it’s very rare and it’s not likely to have an effect internationally or in any one country.

‘The virus is behaving exactly how it has been doing all the way through.’

The coronavirus death toll in the UK has surpassed 39,000.

Speaking at Monday’s daily press conference, Health Secretary Matt Hancock also confirmed there were 1,570 new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday, the lowest since March 26, bringing the country’s total to 276,332.

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