Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael lifts lid on traumatic baby kidnapping in new thriller The Secrets She Keeps

DOWNTOWN Abbey actress Laura Carmichael has lifted the lid on filming the story of a traumatic baby kidnapping.

The Secrets She Keeps kicks off on BBC One this evening and is inspired by a real life event.

Based on a novel by writer Michael Robotham, viewers watch as two very different women become friends through their pregnancies.

Laura plays shelf stacker Agatha who becomes obsessed by blogger Meghan and her apparent perfect life.

"[Agatha] is this dark character, but unlike lots of thrillers it really focuses on her emotional journey," Laura told the Bournemouth Echo.

"So you understood the trauma that she's been through and what has led her to where she is…

"It felt very unique of this genre to have this about two women and their desires to be mothers, and the need to be the perfect mum and how that flipped into being something quite dangerous."

On how it has been adapted for the small screen, the 33-year-old commented: "I think that they've done a pretty good job of sticking with the novel.

"Everyone has their secrets, and everyone has these internal battles going on, and so from the outset, there's this undercurrent of unease from all the characters; they're all going through something."

Laura, who is well known for playing Downton Abbey's Lady Edith Crawley, added: "It was quite fun because while the audience don't know what's going on, I certainly went into the show carrying a lot. I think it serves it really well."

The Secrets She Keeps was filmed in Sydney, Australia and also stars Jessica De Gouw, Michael Dorman and Ryan Corr.

The Secrets She Keeps starts on BBC One on July 6 with the next episode airing the next day.

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