Dopesicks Betsy star details ‘mixed emotions’ of her final ‘heartbreaking’ scene

Dopesick: Disney+ official trailer

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Hulu’s mini-series Dopesick told the story of America’s struggle with an opioid addiction through the lens of the drug company and those affected. Falling victim to her addiction, Betsy star Kaitlyn Dever opened up about her final scene. 

Dopesick was inspired by Beth Macy’s 2018 novel Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America. 

The series landed on screens in October 2021, and in just eight episodes, it unravelled the early days of Opioids in America. 

It also explored the involvement of Purdue Pharma and a number of different government agencies. 

This led up to the groundbreaking legal case against the company, which looked into the development, testing and marketing of the drug OxyContin.

As well as the companies behind the mass distribution of OxyContin, the show also shone a light on those who were affected. 

This included Betsy Mallum, who worked as a coal miner in a small town in Virginia. 

She first encountered OxyContin when it was prescribed to her after a back injury she sustained at work.

After the town’s local physician Dr Samuel Finnix (Michael Keaton) prescribed her Oxycontin to help relieve her pain, she eventually became addicted. 

The drug relieved her pain and allowed Betsy to get back to work, where she was able to work hard and save for her future. 

She had plans of moving to Arkansas and away from her homophobic parents to start afresh with her girlfriend Grace (Cleopatra Coleman).

However, things eventually took a turn for the worse when the medication stopped working, as this led to Betsy asking for a higher dose and eventually becoming dependent on the drug. 

Sadly her condition worsened, and Betsy, who was once a hopeful, bright-eyed teenager lost everything, including her life. 

Reflecting on her heart-wrenching final episode, Betsy star Kaitlyn Dever revealed: “I had so many mixed emotions. 

“I had so much love for our crew and so much love for the people that I was bonding with for several months, but then I had also grown such an attachment to Betsy. 

“I had been through so much with that character for the past several months and thinking about like how hard she tried so many times to get over and to get through it. 

“She just couldn’t and how heartbreaking that is and how tough that journey is, is just really a lot to take in.”

Speaking to and other press Kaitlyn added: “Becasue that was my last scene I shot on the show I had so many emotions, but I appreciate it was my last. 

“There was a glimmer of hope for her, I think she was going to try one last time to see if the next thing was going to work.”

Dopesick was highly praised by fans, it received rave reviews from critics as well as 14 nominations at the Primetime Emmy Awards in 2021. 

Dopesick is available on Hulu in the US and available on Disney Plus in the UK

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