Does Adam know Louise is no longer his mum in Behind Her Eyes shocking finale? Major clues

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix release psychological thriller trailer

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Behind Her Eyes was a gradual build-up showing what happened when Louise Barnsley (played by Simona Brown) started having an affair with boss David (Tom Bateman) and befriending his wife Adele Ferguson (Eve Hewson). Fans of the Netflix thriller got to know Louise not only in a romantic sense but as a parent to young son Adam (Tyler Howitt) who went away for a month with his dad to Paris while all of this was going on. But little did he know that everything was soon going to change for him.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Behind Her Eyes.

From the beginning, Louise was seen walking her son to school, making sure he did his homework and doing whatever she could to keep him happy and safe.

When the chance came for him to go to Paris with dad Ian (Aaron Anthony), she was reluctant at first but decided it would be a good opportunity for them both to experience new things.

She was delighted though when he returned but asked if Ian could take care of him for the night while she dealt with her troubling business with Adele.

Unfortunately for Adam, this ended terribly with her mum being killed in Adele’s body.

Throughout, it was believed Adele was the crazy person trying to control David and get rid of Louise.

However, a flashback moment showed how 10 years prior, Adele’s friend Rob (Robert Aramayo) swapped bodies with her.

He then killed her in his old body and had been living in Adele’s all this time.

But at the end of the series, it was really Rob inside Louise who was now forced to take care of a child he clearly did not want.

Does Adam know Louise is no longer his mum in Behind Her Eyes? 

Even before Louise spoke to her son, Adam knew something was wrong.

When Rob in Louise’s body showed up to collect Adam from his dad’s, Ian called out for him.

Adam initially started running towards his mum on the doorstep when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Even without saying anything, the young boy sensed she had changed and not for the better.

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The next major clue is when Louise, David and Adam are in the car after the wedding.

Louise and David are talking about where they could all go on their honeymoon and she excitedly says about going on a cruise.

This is when Adam pipes up, having stayed quiet for all this time, saying how she didn’t like boats.

David’s ears pricked up at this moment when the car turned silent with both him and Adam waiting for a response.

In a sinister moment, Louise then turned around to face “her son” and replied: “maybe I’ve changed”.

She gives Adam a long fiendish smile before turning back round to face her husband.

Despite not knowing the full story, Adam still knew something was seriously wrong with his mum.

But would he ever confront her about what happened or will Rob try and get rid of him before he gets a chance to?

Behind Her Eyes is available to watch on Netflix.

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