Doctor Who’s Amy Pond and Rory Williams reunite in brand new scene in wake of World War II – The Sun

DOCTOR Who favourites Amy Pond and Rory Williams have been reunited in a special brand new scene – leaving fans of the show delighted.

The clip, titled Rory's Story, was home-produced during the coronavirus lockdown this month. 

Written by Neil Gaiman, it was created to introduce the worldwide watch-party of his Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Wife last Saturday, and sees Rory (Arthur Darvill) discussing his life with wife Amy.

Set in 1946, eight years after Rory was sent back in time by the Weeping Angels, it starts with him setting up the only smartphone in existence to record messages for their baby son, Anthony.

The recording includes everything from when he and Amy met, to all the times Rory was killed, erased and attacked, their adventures together and how they ended up as a family.
The video also referenced how people get through difficult times, such as the global COVID-19 outbreak, with Rory referencing World War II.

"I'm mostly impressed by people," he said. "They can get through so much by being brave and optimistic and resilient."

Towards the end, Amy (Karen Gillan) can be heard off screen, yelling at Rory to help paint the baby's room.

Having watched the clip on YouTube, Doctor Who fans raved about what they had seen in the comments section.

Rachel Donnellan wrote: “God this got me emotional, even that little interaction between Amy and Rory really got me, I've missed them so much.”

User SirJasons added: “I actually teared up a little. It felt like I had been sent back to this era of the show! So well written!”

While THE LAST TIMELORD2 commented: “Neil Gaiman needs to be showrunner ASAP.”

The global re-watches of the classic episodes have seen creatives behind the show generate plenty of interesting new content.

Former showrunner Russell T Davies revealed a sequel to 2005 series premiere Rose, while current show boss Chris Chibnall wrote a new short story, Things She Thought While Falling.


Stephen Moffat also penned a new scene featuring a young Amy Pond, in a prequel to The Eleventh Hour.

Meanwhile, John Barrowman hosted his own lockdown viewing party of Doctor Who spin off show Torchwood, in which he played Captain Jack Harkness.

Doctor Who airs on BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the US.

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