Dick Strawbridge shuts down wife Angel’s Escape to the Chateau demands ‘Not getting that!’

Angel and Dick Strawbridge realise the chateau is wonky

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On Sunday evening viewers got another chance to watch a classic episode of Escape to the Chateau. However, it wasn’t long before chateau owners Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree got into a disagreement. The couple were planning to transform a 35-foot, eight-tonne riverboat into luxury guest accommodation. But, the pair were forced to compromise when they had a difference of opinions on how big the new decking should be.

As well as renovating the interior of the riverboat, in a bid to turn it into another accommodation option, Angel also wanted to create an outdoor space for their guests to sit.

“I’ve got a vision and that will scare the heebie-jeebies out of Mr Strawbridge,” Angel confessed.

Chatting to her husband, Dick, Angel explained her big plans for some new decking.

She said: “I am genuinely more worried about kind of decking and areas because that needs to be all-singing, all-dancing.”

Knowing this would mean he’d have to conduct a large amount of woodwork, Dick questioned his wife further about the extent of her plans.

While looking at a patch of grass by the riverbank, he asked: “How wide an area do you see it being?”

“Oh, do you see the decking being here?” Angel replied as Dick nodded.

“Honestly?” She asked while laughing, as Dick remarked: “Yeah.”

“I thought it was going to be on the side going out into the moat. No, I didn’t expect the decking to be here,” Angel insisted.

“I will explore going out over the water, but not by much,” Dick explained, with Angel agreeing: “Okay, alright.”

However, the couple then quickly got into a disagreement over the planned size of the decking area.

“My question is, how much space do they need on the decking?” Dick said.

“Three meters, four meters,” Angel suggested, which was soon laughed off by her husband.

Dick exclaimed: “What? Hold on. From there about four meters is to here. You’re not getting that.”

“Okay three meters then,” Angel replied, in a bid to compromise.

But, Dick stood his ground: “You’re getting two and a half. Eight feet.”

“Three,” Angel insisted, determined to get her own way.

Dick hit back: “I think one and a half. One and a half. It’s getting smaller.”

“Between two and three,” Angel demanded, and Dick conceded: “Okay, two.”

Escape to the Chateau is available on Channel 4’s catch up service All4.

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