Death in Paradise's Ardal O'Hanlon insists he will never return to show – leaving fans devastated

DEATH in Paradise's Ardal O'Hanlon has insisted he will never return to the show – leaving fans devastated.

The 54-year-old actor played DI Jack Mooney in the hit BBC drama from series six to nine before quitting the role.

Ralf Little has now taken over as the show's lead and is currently in the Caribbean filming series 10.

Asked if he would ever consider returning to the show, Ardal told Hello!: "I can say definitely not.

"I really feel a real sense of closure as an actor, but also as a person, a real sense of completion."

He continued:"I really felt that in terms of you know, as an acting job, it was wonderful and varied and incredibly busy.

"Jack's pretty much in every scene so you've got an awful lot of stuff to get through every day and I just feel from that point of view alone like, there was nowhere else to go."

Elaborating on his decision to quit, he said: "When I started, I kind of always [thought] in the back of my head you do three series and that's kind of it.

"[And] in terms of the character, there's a danger that you'll end up treading water and pulling out the same tricks time after time."

His comments come after Ralf, 40, and co-star Josephine Jobert shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes Tik Tok video earlier this week.

The pair, who play DI Neville Parker and Sergeant Florence Cassell, decided to take part in the iconic Flip The Switch challenge between takes.

In the video Ralf looks dapper as ever in his brown suit whilst fixing his tie, while Josephine cuts some shapes in a floral top and denim shorts behind him.

The two suddenly look very different when the screen goes black after turning the light on and off – with Josephine rocking Ralf's oversized jacket and Ralf wearing a wig.

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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