Death in Paradise: Ruby Patterson’s replacement leaves fans divided ‘Bring her back!’

Death in Paradise: Marlon Price recruited to the team

Ruby (played by Shyko Amos) made her final appearance on Death in Paradise last season and since then, viewers have been speculating as to who would replace her. With Sergeant JP Hooper (Tobi Bakare) needing a sidekick to help him with the murder mysteries, it was only a matter of time before someone took on the role. During episode two of the BBC drama, it was revealed Marlon Pryce (Tahj Miles) would be joining the team in Saint Marie but it seems fans were divided by the announcement.

The first time viewers were introduced to Marlon was when JP questioned the youngster for trying to sell pirate-copy DVDs and thinking he could be a suspect in the ongoing murder case.

After letting the newcomer go without charges, the sergeant bumped into him later in the episode when he realised the juvenile had stolen his police badge.

This led to Marlon’s eventual arrest and he was put behind bars but he didn’t stay there for too long as, by the end of the episode, he was free.

After the team had resolved the latest murder mystery, Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) introduced JP to his new colleague.

The elder of the team said: “I’m pleased to tell you of all the candidates put forward for the youth scheme, one stood head and shoulders above the others.

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“He’s a little rough around the edges but full of raw promise,” he continued with the sergeant asking what the “O” stood for in the name of the scheme.

“Offender, as in youngsters who have taken a wrong turn,” the commissioner continued, adding: “I, for one, do not want to live in a world where no one is allowed a second chance.”

The commissioner then revealed it was Marlon who would be taking rank alongside JP, stating: “He has assured me he is ready to turn his back on his former life and use this as a learning opportunity.”

“Thank you, Commissioner, you are not going to regret this,” the youngster replied but it was clear JP wasn’t happy with Ruby’s replacement.

I don’t like this boy

Death in Paradise viewer

Knowing the sergeant already knew the new recruit, the elder of the team thought he would have no problem teaching him the ways of the police.

Taking to Twitter, it seemed some viewers were feeling the same reaction as JP as one fan wrote: “I miss Ruby #DeathInParadise.”

Another posted: “I don’t like this boy, I want Ruby back #DeathInParadise,” with a third commenting: “#DeathInParadise JP is really not catching a break this season!”

Not everyone was so disgruntled by the news as a fourth shared: “#DeathInParadise Aww so happy for Marlon.”

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“I already love Marlon Pryce #DeathInParadise,” a fifth stated with a sixth opining: “Of course it’s the young lad who JP arrested #DeathInParadise.”

The official Twitter account for the BBC drama also confirmed the news Marlon would be Ruby’s replacement for the foreseeable future.

Posting a picture of the newcomer, the caption read: “Guess Marlon’s going to be spending even more time at the police station then!

“Welcome to the team @TahjDMiles! #DeathInParadise,” it continued, promoting the character to a regular cast member.

It was announced last year the actress who played Ruby, Shyko, would not be returning after just two seasons in the role.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the Death in Paradise star said to her fans: “Thank you for giving Ruby a chance because at first you really didn’t.

“You were rough on me the first couple of episodes. I remember one of the articles, ‘Ruby slammed, she’s awful.’

“My little heart almost broke. She probably was a bit annoying actually, but just thank you for getting behind her because it was really nerve-racking doing it after Danny [John-Jules].”

Death in Paradise continues Thursday at 8pm on BBC One.

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