Danielle Lloyd buying corsets to recreating ALL the Bridgerton sex scenes

DANIELLE Lloyd has revealed she has been buying up corsets to recreate ALL the Bridgerton sex scenes with her husband.

The former glamour model has revealed her and electrician husband Michael O’Neill have become huge fans of the hit Netflix period drama.

 The 37-year-old said the pair have taken inspiration from the programme to boost their sex life during lockdown and the show’s corsets have really helped.

The couple even paused the show when a staircase sex scenbe got them excited.

Danielle, who has set up dating site thehookupsite.com, said: “We have really gotten into Bridgerton, it’s like Gossip Girl for adults or something.

“Perfect thing to watch in the evenings when it’s dark and cold.

 “I love the outfits! I ordered some of those corsets, I think they’re so sexy. I have been wearing them for my husband. But they’re not very comfortable.

“I have been dressing up for my husband in the outfits from the show, it’s really sexy. It’s great fun to dress up isn’t it. It keeps things fun in a relationship, especially in lockdown.

“Oh my god, the sex scene on the stairs. To be honest we already did that one. I watched that on the show and it was so sexy, I thought we need to do that. We paused the show there and then and headed to the staircase.

“The girls look really sexy with the corsets. He thinks I look sexy in them. And it has definitely spiced up our sex life.

“There’s a few more scenes to be honest, but that is just for my husband to find out. I can’t be saying anything before I show him!”

Danielle, a former WAG, said she is looking forward to series two of the show and “cannot wait” to see other outfits are worn.

The couple celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary in November.

Bridgerton has been a massive hit and watched by 63 million households since its Christmas Day debut.

The new period drama has held the number one slot on the Top 10 list in 76 countries and has made the fifth biggest original series debut on the streaming platform.

Searches for corsets have risen 32 per cent since the series launched on December 25 as couples sex up their relationship Bridgerton-style.

Danielle has appeared on the cover of Maxim, Loaded, Nuts and Zoo several times, as well as featured in FHM and Ice. When she first launched to fame she was in a relationship with former footballer Teddy Sheringham from 2006 to 2007.

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