Dancing on Ice's Denise Van Outen says she lost weight and boyfriend Eddie can't keep his hands off her 'toned up' body

INJURED Dancing on Ice star Denise Van Outen says she has not noticed a difference in her body since joining the show – but partner Eddie
Boxshall has.

The 46-year-old West End star – who was forced to pull out of the competition after breaking her shoulder in three places – said pals have told her she looks more toned and she’s lost weight.

She said: “My body probably has changed but I probably wouldn't notice as much as Eddie. He’s the one who touches me!

“People have said to me, ‘Oh, you look like you’ve toned and lost weight’.

“I’m older so I don’t really walk around in crop tops these days, but I think you can’t really help but get toned on the show. It’s a great form of exercise and is so good for your core strength.”

Denise now faces several weeks of no exercise, after being told she must rest the shoulder for at least six weeks before trying to build up her strength again.

She said: “I mean it's it's hard at the moment because obviously I'm dealing with an injury that's stopping me from doing anything and I'm just in tracksuits.

“I’ve been told I’ll start to get some decent movement about six weeks in, I’m two weeks in at the moment.

“It's just rest, you know, they can't put it in a cast because of where it is.”

“You don't realise until you injure something like this, how much you know, it stops you from doing just all your everyday things.

“I keep saying to Eddie, ‘Can you put my shoes on for me? Can you lace my boots?’

“He says I'm stretching it a bit, ‘Oh I’ve got an interview to do, can you grab me a cup of tea?’

“I’m making the most of being spoiled.”

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